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Eden BlueGold - pH UP



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Eden BlueGold - pH UP 1 Gallon (FREE SHIPPING)

BlueGold pH adjusting solutions harness the power of hydrogen in concentrate form, to give you a non-caustic super solution you can safely use without harming your skin, your nutrients, or your plants!

Water today is slammed with chlorine, chloramine, perchlorates, carbonates, bicarbonates, fluorides, and hydrofluosilicic acid. When these are combined with nutrients and/or pH modifiers, they bond, cancel out, or complicate ionic exchanges. This makes pH changes difficult and can also cause "pH rebound". When extremely potent and caustic chemicals are used to change pH, this reinvents the same scenario on a massive scale (not including health concerns). Water is said to be the most studied molecule and yet it is said to be the least understood by mankind today. Eden BlueGold acid and alkali solutions are created from concentrated hydrogen. By splitting the water molecule through a trade secret Bio-Genesis process, BlueGold has achieved a dominating electrical (ionic) friendly solution that yields 13.6 to 14 pH and 0.0 to 0.4 pH. Non Caustic.

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