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BuildASoil Feeding Schedules

New Growers Start Here: 

1. BuildASoil Classic Protocol: PDF Download 

This method is focused on 15 gallon minimum container size and water only production using the mulch layer, cover crop, Rootwise biology and a wetting agent. It's the most simple straight forward way to learn the fundamental principles of growing the BuildASoil Way. Once you have done this at least once, you can then begin to appreciate the benefits of any supplements you use. Water only is the truth and we urge you to try this method. 

2. Earthbox Method: 

The simplest way to slay. These earthboxes eliminate the biggest learning curve in growing, how to water properly! With the sub-irrigation system contained in a small food grade plastic container you can get phenomenal results with 10 gallons of soil and the 3 gallon reservoir for clean water that is built right in. Not only that, if you overgrow your plant size you can always topdress HEAVY in an earthbox and the plants will eat anything you put in there.