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Alfalfa Meal Organic Alfalfa Meal Organic
Alfalfa Meal Organic
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Alfalfa Meal: Nature's Legendary Soil Enhancer 🌱✨ Alfalfa Meal is a 100% natural fertilizer crafted from finely ground alfalfa plants. Perfect for rejuvenating tired soils, it's a top choice as a soil amendment. Plus, it's a fantastic accelerant for compost piles, giving them the kick they need! 🌿🔄Note: We prioritize packing by weight, so volume may vary.Each cup of Alfalfa weighs approximately 5 ounces.Why Alfalfa Meal? 🤔- Organic Goodness: A plant-based fertilizer that revives and fortifies soil.- Restore & Replenish: Over time, seasonal planting can exhaust your garden. Alfalfa Meal returns those vital sugars, starches, and proteins, ensuring your plants remain vibrant and robust. 🌼🌟Packed with Nutrients 🌟:- Vitamins: Carotene, Vitamin A, Choline, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, and Folic Acid.- Minerals: Potassium, Magnesium, Selenium, Sulphur, Manganese, and Iron.- Extras: 16 Amino Acids and Triacontanol (a natural growth hormone).How It Works 🌱➡️🌼:Alfalfa Meal is a microbial powerhouse! It employs micro bacteria to produce heat, accelerating mineral decomposition. This makes nutrients more accessible to plants. It's a gentler alternative to other organic fertilizers, ensuring even delicate plants thrive. Its rapid decomposition and heat generation also make it an excellent compost accelerant. Whether for fertilization or composting, Alfalfa Meal promises bountiful yields and enhanced garden fertility.A Glimpse into Alfalfa's History 📜:Originating in Iran during the Bronze Age, Alfalfa was a staple for feeding horses. Its cultivation spread globally, reaching the US in the mid-1800s. Today, it's a crucial feed for cattle worldwide, enriching soils wherever it grows.Usage Instructions 📝:- Potting Soil: 1/4 - 1/2 Cup Per Cubic Foot.- Light Application: 12 lbs/1,000 sq. ft, 1/4 cup/plant, or 1 lb/20 ft row.- Normal Application: 25 lbs/1,000 sq. ft, 1/3 cup/plant, or 2 lb/20 ft row.- Heavy Application: 50 lbs/1,000 sq. ft, 1/2 cup/plant, or 3 lb/20 ft row.Bonus Recipe: Alfalfa & Kelp Nutrient Tea 🍵:- Fill a 5-gallon bucket with water.- Add 1-2 cups Alfalfa Meal, 2 tbsp Kelp Meal, and 2 tbsp Molasses.- Bubble for 12-24 hours, strain, and serve.- This nutrient-packed tea is perfect for a weekly vegetative growth boost! 🌱💪Choose Alfalfa Meal for a flourishing, nutrient-rich garden! 🌸🌿🌼  
BuildASoil Craft Blend - Nutrient Pack BuildASoil Craft Blend - Nutrient Pack
BuildASoil Craft Blend - Nutrient Pack
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BuildASoil Craft Blend started with a big workshop full of the best and cleanest soil amendments available. I quickly became spoiled and would use all of the BuildASoil ingredients together and in different combinations that aren't available here online. After discussing re-amending with a buddy and also Nutrient Tea Brewing he mentioned that I should combine every nutrient that we have into a fertilizer pack of the cleanest ingredients for everyone to use. We did it! FREE SHIPPING AVALABLE ON ALL CRAFT BLEND Craft Blend weighs about 8.3 Ounces per cup Ingredients all Equal by Weight: Thorvin Premium Kelp Meal Black Soldier Fly Insect Frass Alfalfa Meal BuildASoil Organic High P Bran Camelina Meal Crustacean Meal Fish Meal 3x Fish Bone Meal Soybean Meal Sul-Po-Mag (Also Known as K-Mag or Langbeinite) Organic Malted Barley Volcanic Tuff Micronized Basalt - Blue Ridge Meta Gypsum Oyster Flour Now Lower In Heavy Metals than ever before: General Test Results From Random Sample Below: Calcium 8.27 % AOAC 965.09 ICP Copper < 0.01 % AOAC 965.09 ICP Magnesium 1.29 % AOAC 965.09 ICP Zinc 0.01 % AOAC 965.09 ICP Arsenic 0.86 mg/Kg 3050B, 6010D Cadmium 1.0 mg/Kg 3050B, 6010D Cobalt 1.9 mg/Kg 3050B, 6010 Lead 3.6 mg/Kg 3050B, 6010D Mercury 2.7 mg/Kg 7471B Molybdenum 4.47 mg/Kg 3050B, 6010 Nickel 10 mg/Kg 3050B, 6010D Selenium 2.3 mg/Kg 3050B, 6010D How To Use Craft Blend weighs about 8.3 Ounces per cup ~ 1/2 pound per cup Brew All Around Balanced Nutrient Tea's for Veg - Flower (1/4 - 1 Cup Per 5 gallon Bucket of Water) Re-Amend your used Organic Soil at 2 Cups per cubic foot when mixing in.  Top Dress at 1/4 - 1 Cup Per Plant. Or at 1/2 cup per square foot in raised beds.
Clackamas Coots Official Gnarly Barley - Artisan Sprouted Seed Blend Clackamas Coots Official Gnarly Barley - Artisan Sprouted Seed Blend
Clackamas Coots Official Gnarly Barley - Artisan Sprouted Seed Blend
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Based on 312 ratings
from $25.00
Gnarly Barley will help you grow the best plants of your life. Problem: How to keep nutrients available to fast growing plants in living soil? Solution: Freshly ground Gnarly Barley! Gnarly Barley from is not just a soil amendment, it's a game changer for your plants. Not only does the sprouting of these specialty seeds increase nutrient availability, like it does in human health, but it also provides essential enzymes and food to the soil food web. The soil biology and nutrient flow are intricately connected, and Gnarly Barley provides the ideal balance of seed-based nutrition and enzymes to maximize your plants' growth and health. Whether you're building artisanal potting soil from scratch or top dressing throughout the organic grow cycle, Gnarly Barley is a must-have ingredient. Don't settle for mediocre results in your garden, upgrade to Gnarly Barley and watch your plants thrive! Gnarly Barley was invented by the world-famous Clackamas Coot. The original method of this tech was called SST or sprouted seed tea and involved sprouting seeds at home. However, after years of research, it's clear that Gnarly Barley is even better than sprouted seed tea. The product combines the benefits of sprouting with a convenient, pre-sprouted formula that provides seed-based nutrition and enzymes to the soil food web. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, Gnarly Barley is the solution to growing healthy, thriving plants in soil. So why settle for sprouted seed tea when you can have Gnarly Barley, the ultimate soil amendment invented by the world-famous Clackamas Coot! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL SIZES Recipe: 50% Organic Non GMO Malted Barley - 2 Row 30% Organic Non GMO Sprouted Heirloom Corn 20% Organic Non GMO Sprouted Lentil Seed NOTICE: Best used freshly ground. I like to use a Bullet style Blender but any method of grinding will increase the surface area and help the soil biology break it down fast.
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Fish Bone Meal Fish Bone Meal
Fish Bone Meal
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 48 reviews
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Fish Bone Meal is an excellent source of Phosphorous. 1/2 Cup Per cubic foot is recommended dosage or top dress a handful before flower.. Fish Bone Meal is the preferred source of phosphorus and also has calcium with a small amount of nitrogen. Fish Bone Meal is preferred because it doesn't come from animals treated with antibiotics, hormones etc. Use as a top dress in transition or as a component of your mix. Useful Info Wild Caught NPK 4-17-0  
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Fish Meal Fish Meal
Fish Meal
Rated 5.0 out of 5
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Fish Meal Stimulates vigorous growth and deep green color! A strong natural source of nitrogen, Organic Fish Meal is uniquely processed to retain maximum nutritional value without using high temperatures or synthetic chemicals. Applied to leaves it is assimilated quickly by plants. Often combined with kelp extract to enhance performance. Useful Info Unique Features:• A strong source of natural nitrogen (9%)• Slow release — feeds plants over a period of time• Low temperature processed to preserve plant nutrients• Promotes vigorous growth during all stages of plant development• Heavy feeders like corn, leafy greens and eggplant love it! How To use For soil building or applying as a top dress, use at a rate of 1/2 cup per cubic foot of soil.
MontanaGrow Silica Amendment MontanaGrow Silica Amendment
MontanaGrow Silica Amendment
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 148 reviews
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MontanaGrow is 76% amorphous silicon proven to increase: Plant Cell Wall Strength Photosynthesis Disease Resistance Flood Tolerance Nutrient Balance UV Tolerance Carbon Sequestration Drought and Salt Tolerance High & Low Temperature Tolerance Blocking of Heavy Metal Uptake Alleviate Biotic Stress MontanaGrow silicon strengthens plant cells from roots to shoots, helping to repel insects. Alleviate Abiotic Stress Plants survive and thrive through frost and heat events allowing for a longer growing season. Great Organic Input Option Food grown with MontanaGrow can be certified organic, is healthier, and more nutrient dense. MontanaGrow Volcanic Tuff Additional Benefits Revitalize Soil and Improve Plant Health Moderate pH Acts as a Buffer High Cation Exchange Capacity Increased Ability to Hold Moisture 3.5 on the MOHS Hardness Scale Chemical Free Will Not Burn Plants Does Not Run-off or Leach Reduces Nitrogen Volatility Improves Phosphorus Availability Unique Source of Silicon Result of Ancient Pyroclastic Flow Mined from a rare deposit of silicon rich, non-crystalline volcanic tuff formed over 30 million years ago by a pyroclastic flow. Has a rich amorphous content that contains over 76% SiO2 providing a natural source of plant available silicon (silicic acid). Porosity Unlike Any Other Silicon Source Extremely porous, weathers easily, and provides immediate and gradual release of plant available silicon. Reacts dynamically with other minerals and nutrients to address critical soil and plant deficiencies. Amorphous, non-crystalline silicon and is not a hazardous or harmful material. Click below for safety data sheet.
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Neem and Karanja Mixed 50/50 Neem and Karanja Mixed 50/50
Neem and Karanja Mixed 50/50
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 125 ratings
from $26.40
Neem and Karanja 50/50 Mix Back in stock and better than ever! FREE SHIPPING on select Neem and Karanja 50/50 Mix! Neem and Karanja? You asked for it, and we Mixed them up! Slow Release Nitrogen, Aerates, Nourishes, Promotes Plant Growth & Resistance, Improves Soil Quality. Excellent for Vegan Organic Gardening. We Order Pallets of Neem Cake and Karanja Cake and provide a value by shipping any quantity and allowing you to mix it with other ingredients. The Karanja Cake is beautiful, and has a very mild odor compared to Neem Cake. Almost identical in properties to the Neem cake, this Karanja Cake is one of our best products. Thanks to Terviva and their amazing Certified Organic Karanja Products. Useful Info Karanja Cake is the residue obtained from Karanja seed kernels which have been crushed to extract the oil. Rich in N-P-K, it is an excellent organic fertilizer. Karanja cake has been known to enrich the soil and protect the plant. Earthworm populations have been known to increase where neem cake has been applied. How To Use Use full strength or mixed with other organic (kelp, seaweed, manure, etc.) Apply before (the area can be prepared up to a week or 10 days before planting) or during planting or for established plants around root zone. Use mixed into the soil 6-8 inches or as basal dressing. Coverage:180 to 360 lbs./acre, 1lb. for plots 100 to 160 sq.ft.   How To Mix into your Container Soil: 1/2 Cup per cubic foot will be plenty (Cubic foot is about 7.5 gallons of soil) 1 cup weighs approx. 6.5 ounces.
Organic Non GMO Sprouted Heirloom Corn Organic Non GMO Sprouted Heirloom Corn
Organic Non GMO Sprouted Heirloom Corn
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 2 reviews
from $22.00
All natural artisinal sprouted seeds.
Premium Insect Frass Premium Insect Frass
Premium Insect Frass
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 137 ratings
from $40.00
Insect Frass - Black Soldier Fly Larvae - Derived from an incredible company in Canada all from the digestate of black soldier fly larvae. In all natural ecosystems (where there are no man-made chemical pesticides), insects feed on and digest vegetation, and give it right back to plants in the form of nature's perfect plant food. Plants benefit insects - Insects benefit plants! 100% Organic plant food, and so much more... Estimated NPK Value of 3-2-4   Weighs roughly 4 oz per cup. Insect Frass naturally contains the nutrition plants require, beneficial micro-organisms, and the only immediately plant-available source of chitin (pronounced “Kite-in”). Chitin fortifies a plant from the inside out, causing an "auto-immune" response that signals a plant to produce natural toxins which fend off its natural enemies like pests and fungal pathogens. The EPA says that chitin and chitosan (see FAQ's) defend against botrytis (grey mold), powdery mildew, early and late blight, fungal pathogens in the root zone (root rot) and root-feeding nematodes. Insect Frass does NOT cause a plant to kill beneficial insects or beneficial nematodes. Insect Frass is NOT a pesticide. Insect Frass is NOT a fungicide. Insect Frass will NOT put insects into your garden. Give your plants all the benefits of Insect Frass, without the bugs! How To Use For soil building or top dressing, apply at a rate of 1/4 - 1/2 cup per cubic foot of soil.

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