Have more questions? Want hands on help? Commercial SOP's, Systems Design?  

Consider a friend of mine, Matt Davenport at Stomata Designs

He's the best in the industry and we only refer 1 person for a reason. We don't really like the consulting model and many times it's the blind leading the blind. In a world full of consulting sharks that come and go, Matt is someone I've known since before BuildASoil and who I fully trust to support you to success. We encourage Matt to solve problems with or without BuildASoil products, all that matters is the success of the grower. 

To be clear: BuildASoil does NOT receive any funds from Stomata Designs. This is just a solid referral to someone I trust. 


Greetings to the BAS Community, 

My name is Matt Davenport and I am the owner/founder of Stomata Designs, an Organic Cannabis Consulting company based out of Boulder, Colorado with 12+ years of experience working with clients in regulated markets. In 2014, I became a certified Permaculture Designer through the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. At Stomata Designs, we specialize in farm/facility design, implementation and operational management of No-Till Living Soil cultivations systems for any environment and at any scale. This includes but is not limited to 2D/3D CAD, Financial Modeling, Custom SOP’s, nutrient/mineral/biological management, integrated pest management, propagation, vegetative growth, flower development, harvesting, drying, processing, genetic acquisition, staffing, training and more!

I have been friends with Jeremy since the inception of BuildASoil and have been fortunate enough to observe the wonderful growth of his business since that time. 

With more and more people getting into and succeeding at truly organic gardening thanks to BuildASoil, Jeremy has asked Stomata Designs to become the BuildASoil recommended Horticulture consulting business. 

We have thus teamed up with BuildASoil to offer our consulting services to those in need of expert advice and guidance for anything related to Living Soil and the No-Till concept. We have years of experience working with the processes and materials outlined here at BuildASoil.com and are best positioned to help any grower, in any situation. Stomata Designs will save you huge amounts of time, energy and resources by simplifying the No Till Living Soil system and providing direct, actionable solutions to customer specific situations. 

We have the ability to help with basic, intermediate and advanced questions and concerns, and our service plans have been formulated accordingly.  For more information about our consulting services and to schedule an appointment, please fill out the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 



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