Shipping Policy


Each product will have an estimated ship date and those dates are accurate and being monitored everyday. 

We are better than we have ever been. After 6 months of revamping our inventory model we now have a 30-44 day supply of almost every sku already packaged and organized for shipment so that we can better serve you
Below you'll find a detailed explanation as to what to expect for the different ways we handle orders. 
1. In Stock and Ready to ship: See Ship By Date + Shipping time
2. Fulfilled by BuildASoil Partner: We have manufacturers that will ship directly to you in the event we are out of stock. This means that we do not know exactly when it will ship but we encourage our partners to get the items out within 3 days. Occasionally this will take longer and is not 100% in our control. 
3. Backordered with ship by date: This is because the product is currently in route to us or we are waiting on part of the item to produce. When this happens we still know what to expect with accuracy and will tell you when to expect the shipment. 
4. Backordered with NO ship by date: This product may have an issue and we will be updating when we no more. 
5. Unexpected supplier error: This means we no longer know when this product will be here because it is in shipment to us and has an unexpected delay. 

BuildASoil Shipping and Freight Policy:

  1. If you select a service at checkout that is how we will be shipping.
  2. BuildASoil Shipping – We decide the most economic carrier. USPS, FEDEX or UPS
  3. BuildASoil Freight – All orders over 250lbs may utilize freight for delivery. Notice: To expedite your freight order, many of the smaller items will be shipped separately. The remaining larger bulkier items will be sent via freight.

Free Shipping? Only available to contiguous U.S.

If your item says free shipping then we will be sending via BuildASoil Shipping or Freight. 

Shipping Times: After Fulfillment

  1. BuildASoil Shipping – 1-5 Days Shipping (USPS, Fedex, UPS)
  2. BuildASoil Freight – 1-7 Days Transit time depending on distance. Please note that the estimated delivery on freight shipments is the estimated date that the shipment will reach the nearest terminal to your delivery location, and final delivery can take anywhere from 1-10 business days following the delivering terminal receiving the shipment. The carrier will reach out to you to schedule final delivery. Please input an accurate phone number during checkout for delivery.
  3. Specific shipping selected at checkout:
  4. Overnight – Will ship out same day or next business day.
  5. 2 Day Shipping – Will ship out same day or next business day. 
  6. Specific Carrier Selected and Paid for: We will use your selected carrier

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How is shipping calculated?

We use the product length, width, height, and weight. We send this info through a custom system that calculates the absolute best box to combine your items into. This box and weight info is then sent within seconds to the carrier and back again to display the real time rates. We do not ever add money to our shipping rates. 

How does freight work?

If shipping via truck, be aware that you must be able to accommodate a truck at your residence/business and that it is your responsibility to unload it. Some items cannot be unloaded without using a forklift/lift gate. If unloading by hand, be prepared to off-load the pallet that holds your order in approximately 15 minutes or you may be charged an additional fee by the trucking company for the extra time (possibly up to $100/hr).

Do not sign for your order until you have confirmed an identical count of boxes, bags, rolls, bundles, pails, etc. and have checked very carefully for apparent and/or concealed damage. We will not accept any responsibility for missing and/or damaged items unless you note a count discrepancy and/or identify damage on the bill of lading at the time of delivery!

Tracking and Receiving Orders:

All orders shipping via FedEx or USPS, except for drop-ship orders, you will be provided with tracking information via an email to the email address provided on the order on the day the order is shipped. Please contact us immediately if you think your shipment is lost or if your shipment arrives damaged.

When your order arrives, open the package immediately and inspect the content against the packing slip; it is especially important to check viability on living products immediately. Notify us immediately of any shortages or damage, do not discard any damaged items or shipping cartons. The shipping company may require an inspection prior to approving any claim.

Claims Policy:

Visible Damage, Concealed Damage, and Missing Content Claims - Visible Damage is defined as any damage to the packaging that is identifiable without opening the package at the time of delivery. Concealed Damage is defined as any damage that is not immediately noticeable at the time the package is opened or when the product is first used. Missing Content is defined as any package that is missing product that the packing slip states is included. These types of claims must be made directly to BuildASoil within 5 business days of delivery. Any claims made after that time cannot be honored. Please contact BuildASoil at 855-877-7645 or email to make such a claim.

Incorrect Delivery and Lost Package Claims - Incorrect Delivery is defined as any incident where the driver delivers the package to the wrong address or individual. Lost Packages may occur in two ways. First, lost packages may occur when packages are not able to be located within the carrier's network. Second, a package may be considered lost when the carrier claims delivery was completed by leaving the package on the doorstep, but the customer cannot locate the package. Both incorrect delivery and lost package incidents are usually discovered through standard tracking of the package.

Claims for either of these problems must be made directly to BuildASoil upon discovery. No claims will be honored after 30 days from shipment date. Please contact BuildASoil at 855-877-7645 or email to make such a claim.

Incorrect Product Claims - BuildASoil must be notified directly within 30 days of shipment of any package received where contents incorrect. Please contact BuildASoil at 855-877-7645 or email to make such a claim.

Shipping to Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands:

Items are generally shipped to these locations via USPS Priority Mail. USPS does not guarantee transit time and Parcel Post can take up to several weeks to AK, HI, and PR. FedEx Service is available but is generally quite a bit more expensive. Boat and Barge shipments for palletized orders are available. Call for a quote. Perishable items and beneficial insects cannot ship to these locations.


Expedited Shipments:

FedEx 2 Day services only run on business days. FedEx 2 Day orders placed on Friday will not arrive until Monday.

Partner Vendor Shipped Orders:

We sometimes allow vendors to ship product directly to our customers when it’s most efficient. These orders will often be delivered within one week of ordering, but in some cases these orders can take longer due to product availability and weather delays in which case we will email you to communicate. 

Products will be available for purchase when:

  1. Item In stock and ready to ship
  2. Item is available and fulfilled by Vendor Partner
  3. BuildASoil Manufactures the product and we have a buildable quantity on hand.

Product will be marked UNAVAILABLE for purchase when:

  1. Item is not in stock and there is no current incoming supply.
  2. Item is manufactured by BuildASoil, out of stock and sales are beyond our current raw material for buildable quantity. This means we are both waiting on product and then waiting on the raw materials to be built into a product.
  3. Item is temporarily having supply issues.


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