BuildASoil Take 'N Bake - Artisan Soil Building Kit

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We are excited to be able to offer a Complete Soil Building Kit with Free Shipping!

Normally you would have to pay over $400 to get these items because they are so heavy and expensive to ship. But now, by specially packing the boxes to under 50lbs each we are able to offer a savings of over 20%  which allows us to offer this special package with free shipping to the 48 Contiguous states. Free Shipping on this product is not yet available in Alaska and Hawaii. 

If you are made from scratch type of person than this kit will make the ultimate home made potting soil. 

Get your hands in the soil and own your craft soil blend.

Normally we would mix soil on a large tarp at home but to make this cleaner and even easier we are sending you a 100 Gallon Grass Roots Soil container to help mix your soil in and also to "Cook" your soil in.  

Makes approximately 70 gallons or about 9 Cubic Feet of Hand Crafted Artisan Soil.

This recipe will make a well balanced potting soil perfect for vegetables and flowering plants. 

What Comes With:

100 gallon Grassroots Living Soil Pot (For Mixing)

1 Cubic Foot of BuildASoil Worm Castings

1 Cubic Foot of Oly Mountain Fish Compost

2 Cubic Feet of Organic New Mexico Pumice

1 Cubic Foot of Par Boiled Rice Hulls

1 Two Gallon Bag of BuildASoil Pre Charged Bio-char with Rootwise Mycrobe Complete

4 Cubic Feet of Fluffed Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

2 oz Jay Plantspeaker's Quillaja Extract Powder 20

1/2 lb Kashi Blend

1 ClackamasCoots Style Nutrient Kit

1 BuildASoil Mineral Mix