Colorado Worm Company Vermicompost Colorado Worm Company Vermicompost
Colorado Worm Company Vermicompost
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Colorado Worm Company Vermicompost Our best worm castings ever! Check out the reviews below 1 Cubic Foot = Approximately 40 lbs 1/2 Cubic Foot = Approximately 20 lbs 2 Gallon Bag = Approximately 10 lbs 1 Cubic Yard = Approximately 1000 lbs Premium Worm Castings Colorado Worm Company provides ultra-quality, tea-grade, vermi-dynamic compost containing very generous amounts of exchangeable cations. COWOCO vermi-compost is also high in naturally occurring trace elements and minerals. Our small-batch compost boasts a 10:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio along with a plethora of life which MIGHT include: Red Wigglers(Eisenia fetida), Red Wiggler Cocoons, Predator Mites (Hypoaspis miles), Rove Beetles, and small amounts of Springtails. Worm crafted on our small family horse farm in Western Colorado, COWOCO strives to produce only the most organic, highest quality, most available soil amendment on the market. Our privileged worms are fed a highly mineralized diet of Rootwise inoculated, bio-dynamic, fully finished compost along with native soils, native snowmelt river water, and local glacial rock dust. From our family to yours, cheers to happy, healthy, super productive gardening. We'll help make your green thumb.....greener! These castings are dense and heavy compared to the competition that sells by weight. 1 Cubic foot is equal to 40lbs depending on moisture content. Application methods and rates: Top-dress your flowerpots or raised beds with a generous two inch layer every two weeks to one month during both veg and flower. For an extra phosphorus boost late in the season, simply aerate water and add our castings at a rate of 1:10 castings to water. Agitate and brew for no more than 24 hours. Add directly to the root zone for immediate results. Our operation has a very small carbon foot print, our worms clean up all the waste on the farm creating a closed loop system. Our modest 35 horse power tractor is the only fossil fuel used in production. Our worms are treated with love and in return they bless us with incredible quality compost. NPK and Heavy Metals Random Sample Test Clackamas cootYouTube Video - Coots Comments from the Youtube Comments:"Alex - I had the pleasure of trying your vermicompost when Jeremy sent me a bag a couple of years back. These were some of the finest worm castings that I have ever used. You definitely hit it out of the park with the superior quality, microbial life and nutrient density. This all takes a serious amount of commitment and work as you well know.You and your family are a real asset to organic and sustainable Gardners everywhere."

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