Ocean Grown Blend and Trace Minerals



Ocean Grown Blend and Trace Minerals




Product description

Ocean Grown Blend Combines 6 Ocean Based Organic Amendments into 1 Bag!

Smells like the ocean and provides all the inputs in 1 bag. Many growers used to think that "OG" meant "Ocean Grown" because of the phenomenal quality ocean based inputs can create.

6 in 1 Blend makes it easy to have diversity on inputs and save money at the same time. 

This blend is balanced and will work with any organic grow regiment. Especially helpful for making sure you have the entire periodic table of elements by leveraging the ocean. 

If you wanted to buy these individually it would be so expensive!

  1. Kelp Meal - Premium Icelandic Kelp meal from clean waters
  2. Crustacean Meal - Crab Meal and Shrimp Meal combined for Chitin and Calcium
  3. Fish Bone Meal - This mainly provides Phosphorous and Calcium
  4. Oyster Shell Flour - This provides organic Calcium Carbonate
  5. Fish Meal - Organic Nitrogen with PK and trace minerals
  6. Sea-90 Dry Mineralizer - Ocean water mineral specialty product

Directions For Use: Excellent for Veg and Flower

Amending Soil: Use along with other inputs at 1/2 Cup per cubic foot for diversity or use as a standalone soil amendment up to 2 cups per cubic foot. 

Top-dress: Use 1/8th - 1/4 Cup Per Plant. 

Teas: Apply 1/4 Cup per each 4-5 gallons of brew. 

Garden Use: Apply 25-50 lbs per 1000 Square Feet of Garden area.

Note: 1 Cup weighs approximately 6.5 Ounces

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