Perma Soil - Perennial Recipe for Houseplants and Tropicals



Perma Soil - Perennial Recipe for Houseplants and Tropicals




Product description

🌿 The Living Soil Solution For Permanent Plants

House Plants, Potted Trees, Tropicals, all of these plants will thrive in this soil. 

After growing out many popular tropicals and houseplants it was clear that Living Organic Soil can perform very well for this purpose but has a tendency to hold to much water for many varieties and be to potent for others. Another critical difference between Annual Flowering plants and Perennials is that Perennials grow forever and will require a more "Permanent" Soil to last the years without the breakdown of all the organic matter. To make this the best Perma Soil for any houseplant we had to increase the drainage materials and balance the nutrition at a much lower level than for Annual flowering plants.

Now, with our Perma Soil recipe you can expect flawless results from a much wider variety of plants and instead of using filler like hardwood waste and sand, we made a premium house plant soil following the BuildASoil way!

Get ready to transform your indoor gardening game with our "Perma Soil" Perennial House Plant Recipe! Specially curated for plant lovers, this recipe combines the best natural ingredients to ensure your leafy friends not only survive but truly thrive. Let's break it down:

  • Pumice: Because your plants’ roots need to breathe too! These volcanic porous rocks are superstars at drainage and aeration. It's light enough to float in water but heavy enough to stay put in your soil. Far superior to perlite and longer lasting.

  • Black Lava Rock: Multiple sizes of volcanic aeration provide long term stability to the soil along with increased porosity so your plants roots are never overwatered. Besides this, black lava rock is excellent mineral source for long term use. 

  • Basalt: Instead of sand, we use locally sourced Basalt from ancient lava flow right here in Western Colorado. This mineral is high in paramagnetic energy and rich in minerals that support long lasting soil health.

  • Rice Hulls: High in silica, this material adds to the structure of the soil and will slowly break down to add more nutrients. This is used in small amounts for that initial texture and helps establish new transplants quickly.

  • Bio Char: Very porous, excellent home for microbes and a slow release nutrient holder that will add to the long term excellence of this Perma Soil.

  • Peat Moss: Sustainably sourced from Canada, this Peat Moss adds to the organic matter and holds moisture perfectly when balanced with our other amendments. Don't believe the hype, our Peat Moss is more sustainable that many of the supposed replacements on the market that advertise "Peat Free"

  • Malibu Compost: Ethical, sustainable Biodynamic compost that both provides the life to the soil but also the main source of nutrients for your plants. This compost is one of the best in the world and your plants will love it.
  • Gypsum: Once we created the perfect texture we compared the soil test results and added in some gypsum to create the ideal calcium balance so that your plants have everything they need to flourish with health. 

Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just starting out, our Perennial House Plant Recipe has everything you need to ensure your houseplants are the envy of your neighborhood. Scoop, mix, and watch your indoor oasis flourish! 🌱💚

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