Eden BlueGold - Super Phos 23


Eden BlueGold - Super Phos 23



Product description

Eden BlueGold - Super Phos 23 - 1 Gallon (FREE SHIPPING)

Super Phos 23 undergoes a micronization process which maximizes immediate bioavailability. Super Phos 23 is formulated from a Soft Rock Phosphate mine and is OMRI Listed. Typical Rock Phosphate is hard rock, and generally powderization is achieved through combined efforts of mechanical crush, acid treatment, and chemical treatment. Eden BlueGold has located a Soft Rock Phosphate mine which requires zero of those above as it is pulled from the mine in a powder form already. Soft Rock Phosphate is a step further in the direction of pure and clean sourced ingredients.

What can proper phosphate levels do for you?

Phosphate (P) is an essential nutrient for plant growth in vegetative and flowering cycles. No nutrient can process without a Phosphate, and proper Phosphate levels are dependant upon proper levels of Calcium and Potassium. When proper levels of Phosphate exist, plants are known to have maximum flower density. Phosphate is the king of all nutrients. Additionally, enhanced reproductive cycles begin with proper Phosphate levels. Properly setup plants during vegetative cycles with Phosphate, Calcium, and Potassium will set up the plants for increased size, density, weight, and taste. Properly balanced nutrition is the key to massive production.

How To Use:

During the vegetative cycle:

Root Zone: 9-12mL per Gal
Foliar: 12-18 mL per Gal

During the flowering cycle:
Root Zone: 1-2 mL per Gal
Foliar: 4-5 mL per Gal

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