Eden BlueGold - Super Carb

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Eden BlueGold - Super Carb - 1 Gallon

Using only Certified Organic ingredient sources, Eden BlueGold has taken non-surfacted Blackstrap Molasses and complexed it with Sugar Cane Juice, Tapioca Syrup, and Coconut Syrup. This blend is combined with BlueGold saponin wetting agent technology which stabilizes the sugars, prevents them from taking off from inherent biology, crystallizing, and prevents the growth of anaerobic bacteria. The perfect alternative to salts and chemical preservatives. 

The importance of Carbohydrates..

Carbohydrates are a significant component of organic matter in all soils. Proper Carbohydrate levels should account for 5 to 20 percent of soil organic matter. Not only do Carbohydrates comprise 50 to 70 percent of dry weight plant matter, but it is an essential constituent of soil microbiology, both as structural and as cellular components fulfilling metabolic roles. Microorganisms degrade Carbohydrates to metabolizable substances, which are most readily available for soil organisms. Plant-derived sugars serve as a significant source of energy and Carbon for soil biology. The survival of aerobic bacteria in soil is entirely dependant on moisture, aeration, proper pH, and plenty of food (Carbohydrates).

How To Use:

Root Zone: 1-2 ml per gallon

Veg Foliar: 10 ml per gallon

Flower Foliar: 15-30 ml per gallon