Yellow Corn Seed - Heirloom Organic For Sprouted Seed Tea

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Organic Yellow Corn Seed is Certified Organic and totally untreated this is a food grade product that is rare to find. 

The Enzymes are a catalyst that assist the other nutrients and help super charge your soil.

Corn is known to be high in Cytokinins.

"Cytokinins will increase the girth and tinsel strength of the side branches and stronger branches will produce larger and heavier flowers." -Clackamas Coots

Instead of buying an expensive enzyme product in a bottle, you can make your own!

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Cytokinin Functions
A list of some of the known physiological effects caused by cytokinins are listed below. The response will vary depending on the type of cytokinin and plant species (Davies, 1995; Mauseth, 1991; Raven, 1992; Salisbury and Ross, 1992).

  • Stimulates cell division. 
  • Stimulates morphogenesis (shoot initiation/bud formation) in tissue culture. 
  • Stimulates the growth of lateral buds-release of apical dominance. 
  • Stimulates leaf expansion resulting from cell enlargement. 
  • May enhance stomatal opening in some species. 
  • Promotes the conversion of etioplasts into chloroplasts via stimulation of chlorophyll synthesis. 

Super Sprouted Tea Version 2.0: (Credit to some old Coot)

56 Grams Corn Seed (2 Ounces)

Soak for 12-24 hours with Clean Water

Sprout seeds until tail is 1/2 inch long or about 1-2 days. 

Blend in a food blender or whatever you have with a little bit of water to help it blend.

Add this to 5 gallons water and you have one of the worlds most nutritious Plant Enzyme Teas available for PENNIES.



Explanation on our blogs from Clackamas Coots:

"...The other big one is corn and this seed produces a wide range of Cytokinins on par with coconut water. With the international market demand for coconut water is pushing the price higher and higher and it’s only going to get worse. By using sprouted corn teas you will get the benefits from the Cytokinins without the expense. You don’t need to order organic corn seeds online or jump through hoops – just head over to your favorite supermarket and go to the popcorn section and buy an organic popcorn. Even Wallmart carries 3 or 4 brands of organic popcorn. One thing about using corn is that I found it easier to puree these seeds once the tap roots grew out to 1" or so which softened the original corn seed. I switch between alfalfa and corn seeds during the vegetative for the compounds I mentioned. Cytokinins will increase the girth and tinsel strength of the side branches and stronger branches will produce larger and heavier flowers." - Clackamas Coots

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