How To Clone Organically: Ditch The Rooting Hormone Products

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Airlift Compost Tea Brewer Build Instructions DIY

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Getting Weird With Compost Tea

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Do It Yourself Plant Fertilizers - Free Report

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IPM? Free Report and Video Explanation - Adam Dunn Show Follow Up

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Check out the full Blog Post and Be Sure to Read the Comment Section!! 

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Quality Criteria for Vermicomposts: Pure Castings vs. Vermicompost?

May 27, 2014 0 Comments

What should I look for when buying worm castings or vermicompost? 

There is so much BS in the worm game that purchasing quality products and learning about making your own castings can be quite confusing.

You'll see many advertisers using claims like:

"Pure Worm Castings" 
"No manures or yard waste in the worm bedding and they are grain fed."

What I encourage you to do is ask some questions about how the worm castings are produced. Once you get a few questions answered I think you'll have a much better understanding of the quality of the product you are considering.  

6 Questions to ask your worm guy:
1. What type of worms do you use?
2. What type of material are the worms fed? 
3. How long are the worms left with the material to make the castings? 
4. What type of "Worm Feed" are you using to supplement their diet?
5. How long have you been in the Worm Casting business?
6. How long has the ready to purchase product sat around? 
7. Are they 100% Pure Castings? (Run if they say yes)

Red Flag Answers: If you get several of these red flag answers I would avoid using the product. 

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Want Bigger Plants?

May 16, 2014 0 Comments

How big should my container be? 

Thanks to ClackamasCoot for sending me this article, much appreciated.

One of the #1 challenges I have with newer organic growers is that they will many times cut themselves short by using a container that is too small. When you are simply holding the plants roots to feed them nutrient bottles you can grow huge plants out of small containers.... but with organics we are focused on the soil producing all of the bio-mass without any bottled nutrients. That simply means that more soil will go much further and make your life easier. I see the most struggles under 5 gallons and the most success over 5 gallons. So you decide what to do with your space. But if you have more room, I'd suggest going up to 25 gallons or whatever you can still move, and if you don't need to move the pots around consider a Geo-Planter No-Till indoor grow bed! 

Okay Rant over, here is the science behind doubling your container size.

Read the full blog post by clicking here.

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ClackamasCoots's Effective Spider Mite and Pest Spray without Neem

May 15, 2014 0 Comments

Looking for a pest spray that actually works? 

Mint Family Plants for Pest Spray

 Check out the Full Article and How to by Clicking Here.

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Silica or Orthosilicic Acid? Free PDF File

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High Phosphorus Amendments?

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The Use and Effects of Aqueous Extracts from Vermicomposts or Teas on Plant Growth and Yields

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A Valuable Post On Cannabis Culture

April 22, 2014 0 Comments

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