Airlift Compost Tea Brewer Build Instructions DIY

This Blog Post Isn't finished and I will be updating with more details soon. Please Ask Questions If I Forgot Anything. 

I posted this short Video Clip on Instagram and a few people emailed asking for plans on how to build one. 

All Credit for the Airlift and Design to Tim Wilson at aka MicrobeMan

Visit for more accurate details on his recipes and designs. 

NOTICE: Build your own stand. I'll post measurements but get creative! You can make one all out of PVC or wood or anything.... Send me your photo's.... I really want to see your brewer in action and show all the other growers the many ways to do this. 

My Stand is made from old 2x4's that were on my property laying around and the red plastic piece that holds the water bucket is the bottom of an old chicken waterer that I cut a whole into. You could easily make something that would support the water bottle better using 2x4's PVC etc. 


The rest of the PVC you need 1-1/2" Inside Diameter PVC Get 1 8 Foot piece so you have extra just in case. 

Cut with a Mitre Box to make sure every cut is perfectly straight so you don't have leaks.. then file the ends to get the rough edges off. This will make sure you don't have leaks. MITRE BOX

1-1/2" PVC Measurements To Cut:

  1. 3"
  2. 3.5"
  3. 7"
  4. 2.5"
  5. 23.5"
  6. 5"
  7. 3.5"

Match The Location On The Photo Below :

NOTE: These sizes are based off of my stand and you should construct your own mock up to make sure everything works properly. 

Tools that help to have around:

2 Strap Wrenches

I use the Pipe Wrench to tighten the Threaded Attachment where the airline goes in... That and a strap wrench for torque. Tight means no leaks!

I use the Socket to tighten the Metal straps on the Rubber Reducer that connects the Water Bottle to the PVC. 5/16" or 8mm Socket.

Tools for building Compost Tea Brewer

You might notice a small leak in a few spots the first time you put it together. Typically once you towel dry these areas and add molasses and vermicompost it will stop leaking. Once you clean it fresh it might leak just barely but really not bad. Once I smoothed off the edges of all my cuts and also used a Mitre Box to make them so everything was straight I was able to run the machine with just water without any leaks at all.

In the video I'll show you some tricks to putting it together that help with leaks. 



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