Did you know that harmful hormones antibiotics and toxins are hiding in your Organic fertilizer?

July 19, 2013

When I found out how all these fertilizers are made, and what's really in them, I was disgusted and wanted to do something about it. I'm hoping that when you find out, you'll understand why I carry Neem and Alfalfa instead of Blood etc.

You may have noticed that I don't carry certain popular items and there is good reason for that. I'm not here to impart my beliefs on you, but to share information openly and honestly so that you can make the most educated decisions possible. Nowadays it's easier to find out what is in your opiate based prescription pills than it is in your food. When people tell me they're vegan and only eat organic, I sometimes wonder if they understand how most organic fertilizers are made. I would tell them, but I don't want them to starve to death. (For the record, I eat organic as often as possible, but homegrown is the best!)

Lets work our way through the pile of waste products first, and don't forget to check the labels on your favorite bottle of organic fertilizer!


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Free Copy of Acres USA

July 18, 2013

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DIY Compost Tea Brewer: How to make a compost tea brewer on a budget. (Under $50)

July 17, 2013 3 Comments

So you want to brew your own compost tea huh? Well I can’t blame you. This stuff is better than anything you can pay for and will all the misinformation surrounding compost tea it would be foolish to have anyone else make it for you.

BEWARE of the Myths

1. Worm juice leachate is the same stuff.

No – Worm leachate is anerobic and not even close.

2. You’re supposed to put guano and nutrients in the tea.

No – this is compost tea. Not nutrient tea. The Nutrients will ruin the development of your diverse tea.

3. I can just buy bottles of Compost tea or Worm tea on ebay or online…. Why make it?

Tea doesn’t last and as soon as you stop brewing it you should use it right away. Never bottle it.

4. The guys on youtube promise excellent compost tea with a small aquarium pump.

Please avoid listening to any of this information. The best tea is proven to be made with a dissolved oxygen level above 6.0 ppm and the small aquarium pump isn’t even close. You might even make a tea that could cause problems in your garden. If you have to use an aquarium pump with a cheap airstone then keep the brew to a 1-2 gallon size, maybe a milk jug.

5. It’s finished when all foamy and sweet smelling, right?


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DIY Natural Pest Control Spray

July 17, 2013 2 Comments

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Light green and no growth. A trial at soil correction.

July 16, 2013

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How to make compost tea in 3 easy steps

July 16, 2013 3 Comments

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Fruit flies fed organic diets are healthier than flies fed nonorganic diets, study finds

July 15, 2013

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Blossom End Rot and Heirloom Tomatoes

July 10, 2013

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