Rice Hulls - Replacement For Perlite

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1 Cubic Foot Bag - $9.05
50 Pound Bag - $29.00

Par Boiled Rice Hulls are now in stock!!!

Studies have proven that rice hulls can efficiently replace perlite in your potting soil mixes and is much better for the environment.

50lb Bag = About 7 Cubic Feet Once Expanded

Rice Hulls weigh about 1 lb per gallon

Check out this greenhouse study on Rice

Hulls: http://www.gpnmag.com/sites/default/files/09_Grower101_GPN0913%20FINAL.pdf

We recommend using around 30% aeration. If going for long term no-till we suggest using half Rice Hulls and Half Pumice or Lava Rock.

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