Logan Labs - M3 Standard Soil Test


Logan Labs - M3 Standard Soil Test



Product description

Why Choose BuildASoil?

Updated Process for 2020 Is Faster and More Organized than Ever Before.

Easy! We make the process quick and simple by offering:
  • We send you an email with a pre-printed form to send off to Logan Labs, and pre-paid postage to make it quick and simple
  • Precise instructions on how to obtain sample
  • Choose Who Does Your Soil Test!

The Package

    • Standard Melich 3 Soil Test. + Extras
    • Extras: Cobalt, Molybydenum, Ammonium Nitrogen, Nitrate Nitrogen, Selenium, Silicon, EC
  • We always recommend our Complete and Comprehensive Test Package but this product is available for stand alone testing.

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