Highgrove Magnolia 4


Highgrove Magnolia 4

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The Magnolia 4 - 530 Watts Of LED Power

Exclusively for BuildASoil

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The Magnolia 4 is our compact and powerful light designed for a 3'x3' to 4'x4' coverage area.

  • Featuring a sturdy all-aluminum 2” low profile waterproof 4 board design
  • 1152 individual Samsung LM301H, 660 nM deep red, 395 nM UV, and 730 nM far red LEDs to produce high PPFD with a significant increase in overall red spectral output percentage.
  • The Magnolia 4 is designed for full cycle use and will cover up to a 4'x4' area for full cycle/flowering at 18-24" above the canopy.
  • Power draw is 530 watts at the wall and runs on 120, 240, and 277 VAC. Featuring (2) Meanwell waterproof IP65 high efficiency HLG drivers.
  • Waterproof conformal coated boards in conjunction with IP65-rated electrical connections make this light safe for wet/damp operation.

Your plants will love this light because:

  • UV Boosted Spectrum Mimics the Sun
  • Increased Yield and quality due to using the ideal spectrum
  • 5 year warranty on all 3 major components
  • Warranty backed by someone I trust
  • Waterproof conformal coated boards and IP65 Rated connections
  • IP65 Rated - Protected against water jets from any angle
  • Top Shelf Diodes + Deep Red, UV and Far Red
  • Samsung LM301H 3500k Full Spectrum
  • Boosted with 660 nM deep red
  • Boosted with 395 nM UV
  • Boosted with 730 nM far red diodes
  • Added Copper for enhanced cooling = Significantly longer lasting
  • Modular design can add on later.
  • Assembled in the USA - Quality you can feel
  • Excellent penetration through the canopy
  • Powerful and Dimmable
  • Part of The BuildASoil YouTube Series
  • Quality - Buy it for life
  • 4 Rope Ratchet Hangers are included

Packaged Properly: This light is strong and is less likely to have damages in transit to you like the cheap imported lights. It's solid and built for a lifetime.

This light is very simple to setup and to hang.

Some assembly required (The rails are disconnected for safe shipping)

4 Rope Ratchets are included.

Special order product traits that can be specified at time of ordering:
  • Replace traditional knob style dimmer (PWM style dimmer dims from 1 to 10 volts) with controller connector (common styles are 3.5mm stereo jack, RJ-11 landline phone style jack, RJ-45 internet style ethernet jack)
  • 240V style power cord in lieu of standard household 120V

Please reply to your order confirmation email, or give us a call at 855-877-7645 if you wish to make any of the above special requests.

The plants grown with Samsung LM301H full spectrum light boosted with UV, Deep Red and Far Red are more vigorous than under full spectrum alone. This vigor and peak plant health creates more flower sites, tighter structure, and a coating of trichomes stimulated by the UV and red additions. This spectrum is so potent, it truly set this light apart from the competition. Your next run could be your best run! The weakest link in your grow room might just be your grow light. Upgrade today you won't regret it.


16 Square Feet at 18-36" inches above canopy

PPFD: 920 μmol/m²/s

POWER (120-277 VAC):

Total Wattage: 530W (~4.4A @ 120V; ~2.2A @ 240V)

PPF: 1375 μmol/s

PPE: 2.6 µmol/J

NOTICE: This light is powerful and best used where you have enough ceiling height to keep the light at least 18" from the canopy.

I'll be use the Magnolia 4 and 6 in the YouTube series.

Review from Clackamas Coot himself:

Question: UV Control?
Your new light looks amazing! A couple questions...
Can the uv dim independently of the other diodes? I've read it should be used in the last 2 weeks of flower and not earlier.
Also, can the uvs be replaced without replacing anything else? Uv diodes have a much shorter life expectancy than the others.

Great questions - the UV cannot be controlled separately. That said, there is a total of (4) UV diodes on each board for a total output of roughly 2 watts of 385 nM power per board. For instance on the Magnolia 6 that is 12 watts total UV per fixture. Also note that the same ratios apply to the IR diodes (4 per board at roughly 2 watts total IR output at 730 nM per board).

The reasons we chose not to place the UV on a separate controllable circuit are as follows:

1. Adding a switch, especially in a wet/damp environment can cause early failure due to corrosion of the innards of the switch.

2. The UV diodes are driven at a low current, which helps with longevity. Most UV diodes, especially when integrated on a board/strip are driven at higher currents since the other diodes require more power for good efficacy. This is the main cause for early failures. We are using a time tested combination so as to mitigate those issues.

3. We have checked and tested many different combos of ratios of UV to the rest of the diodes and this combo seems to perform well from both a diode longevity standpoint as well as a horticultural efficacy standpoint.


Magnolia 4 Setup Instructions

This light is very simple to setup and to hang.

Some assembly required (The rails are disconnected for safe shipping)

4 Rope Ratchets are included.

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5 Stars

These lights are a beast. Huge step up from my old set up. 10/10

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Love these lights

So far I'm in love with these lights and so are my plants!!

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