Fish Hydrolysate - Organic Gem

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Fish Hydrolysate - Organic Gem is an all-natural liquid fish fertilizer manufactured by Advanced Marine Technologies and is a high quality organic product that gives excellent plant growth, rebuilds soil, and offers higher production yields uses a unique enzymatic cold process that produces a hyper-active bio-stimulant different from anything else on the market today is made from an aquatic renewable raw material source that is both fresh and clean.

Organic Gem® Liquid Fish Fertilizer provides superior

Plant Health

Gives long lasting results with improvements in plant color, overall health and tremendous growth.

Soil Health

Soil qualities are improved for deeper rooting and better penetration of water and nutrients. Unproductive soil is can be rebuilt and replenished.

Microbial Activity

Promotes the growth of bacteria and other organisms as well as providing supplementary macro and micro nutrients.

If you would like to see a video of Organic Gem growing beneficial Microbes under a microscope watch below. Video Courtesy of Tim Wilson aka MicrobeMan

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Coming Soon!

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