Ecowitt Combo Pack (Display Console + Sensor)


Ecowitt Combo Pack (Display Console + Sensor)



Product description

Introducing the Ecowitt Moisture Meter and LCD Combo - the must-have tool for growers who follow the BuildASoil way! Proper watering is crucial for healthy plants, and our moisture meter has been gaining popularity among growers for its accuracy and ease of use.

Notice: If you have wifi and would like readings on multiple sensors the Ecowitt Gateway Combo will be best.

With its convenient LCD display, you can now get moisture readings directly from your Ecowitt moisture meter without the need for complicated Wi-Fi connections. No more hassle, just straightforward readings right at your fingertips.

Please note that each display can only connect to one moisture meter at a time, so if you have multiple meters in the same room, it may be challenging to switch between them. For the best experience, we recommend using one LCD display for each moisture meter to avoid confusion.

Connecting to the moisture meter is easy with the simple add button on the display. However, if you have multiple meters close to each other, it may be tricky to confirm which meter is connected. To make it more convenient, we suggest connecting the display to the moisture meter away from other meters for seamless use.

Despite these minor limitations, we have found the Ecowitt moisture meter and display to be invaluable tools for growers. Join the ranks of satisfied users and elevate your watering routine with our reliable and user-friendly moisture meter. Try it out today!

  • Soil Moisture Meter: measures soil moisture content within 72 seconds to let you know when to water your plant
  • Digital LCD Display: with lovely flower pot icon to directly display the moisture level, easy to read
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use: waterproof moisture sensor, can be used for indoor outdoor potted plants, lawn, garden and more
  • Custom Mode: with 0%AD and 100%AD custom mode to manually calibrate the low/high moisture value so that you can get more accurate result for different soil types
  • Time Display: With 12/24hr digital time display; 2 AA batteries(not included) needed for the display console and soil moisture sensor(one for each)

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