Soil Test Interpretation



Do you already have a soil test?

Updated Process for 2020 Is Faster and More Organized than Ever Before. 

What if I already have a soil test from Logan Labs? 

Just Purchase the interpretation by selecting your chosen professional and then email us your soil test information so we can handle the rest. 

    • BE SURE TO CHOOSE WHICH PROFESSIONAL YOU WANT TO INTERPRET YOUR SOIL TEST. This will show you exactly which ingredients to add to your farm to balance your soil against the test you will receive. 

What if I have a soil test, but it's not from Logan Labs? 

We suggest getting one done our way but if time is of the essence we can simply offer you an interpretation based on your data. Just checkout as per normal. 

Do You Really Know if Your Soil is Balanced?

Average time from order to final report is 10 days.

(5-8 days for soil test and 1-3 days for the full custom report depending on which agronomist you choose)

Unless otherwise indicated, we will provide recommendations per Acre

We can also do this per  27 cubic feet / 1 yard of soil. If you use beds or pots and want the recommendations made to accommodate your bed/pots size, please provide the dimensions below.

Want to learn all this on your own? Check out our Soil testing Books! 

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