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Complete Compost Tea Brew Kit - TeaLAB




Product description

🌱 TeaLAB's Complete Compost Tea Brew Kit 

Introducing TeaLAB's Basic Brew Kit! With functionality that bubbles beyond what competitors offer, we promise not just a product, but a revolutionized brewing experience! 🌟

Why Choose TeaLAB's Brew Kit?

  • BubbleSnake Magic! 🐍: Our BubbleSnake is the star of the show, making brewing easy and efficient like never before.
  • Durable Brew Bag** 🛍️: Not just for brewing! Use the sturdy Brew Bag to clean out the bucket after you're done. Double the function, double the fun!
  • Long-lasting Air Pump** 💨: Commercial-grade quality ensuring longevity and impeccable performance.

Tea Brewing – What to Consider?

  • Air Flow 💨: The more, the better. Say goodbye to clogged or cracked air stones and potential bad bacteria havens.
  • Bucket Shape Matters: Round buckets or barrels are preferred! Square ones hinder water flow. And while vortex brewers may look sophisticated, they're often just overkill.
  • Ease of Cleaning 🚿: You've got a garden to attend to, don't let device cleaning waste your precious time.

Remember, TeaLAB's system is crafted with love and care by dedicated gardeners from the Northern California Coastal Mountains. Trust in a system that's been tried, tested, and proven! 🌲

What's in the Kit? 📦
BubbleSnake Aerator 🐍
BrewBag 🛍️
Air Pump 💨
All necessary Hoses & Fittings 🌀

Brewing Recommendations ⏲️:

 Brew Temp
Brew Time
48 hrs
60°F 36 hrs 
70°F 24 hrs
80°F  12 hrs

Choose the Right Kit for You! 🔍:
5 Gallon Brew Kit 🪣: Comes with Small BrewBag, Small BubbleSnake, and 1110 GPH Air Pump. Perfectly sized for a 5-Gallon Bucket.

30-55 Gallon Brew Kit 🛢️: Features a Large BubbleSnake, Large Brew Bag, and a 1750 GPH air pump. Designed for a 30-55 Gallon Barrel.


Get your hands on TeaLAB's Complete Compost Tea Brew Kit and transform your brewing experience today! 🌱🍵💚

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