Clackamas Coot's Take 'N Bake - Legendary Soil Building Kit

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 The Official Clackamas Coots Soil Building Kit:

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A portion of every sale will go to Coot and also to plant trees in his name.

Make your own specialty potting soil from scratch following the iconic Coot's recipe.

This recipe is famous for it's simplicity

3 Part Base: Compost/Peatmoss/Aeration  Nutrients: 1/2 Cup Per cubic foot of Kelp, Neem/Karanja, Crustacean Meal, Malted Barley 4 Cups per Cubic foot of Mineral Mix: 2 Cups Basalt, 1 Cup Gypsum, 1 Cup Oyster shell flour. Extras: Added Biochar and Gnarly Barley

Source it all yourself or just order the kit with free shipping from BuildASoil

Watch us make the soil using this kit

Here is what our Premium Kit Comes with:

3.8 Cubic Foot compressed Bale of Peat Moss (Fluffs to 6 cu/ft)

5 Cubic Feet of BuildASoil Worm Castings

1 Cubic Foot of Colorado Worm Company Castings

4 Cubic Feet of New Mexico Pumice

2 Cubic Feet of Par Boiled Rice Hulls

2 Gallons of Charged Bio-Char

Clackamas Coot Style Nutrient Kit

Clackamas Coot Style Mineral Mix

2 lbs of Whole Gnarly Barley - Make sure to grind this in a blender and add to your soil mix or grind it up and use it as a topdressing. 

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