Chapin 19069 Industrial Stainless Steel Sprayer

Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 19 reviews



Want to take you Chapin Sprayer game to the next level? We are excited to bring in the Stainless Steel Chapin sprayer. We know how hard we can be on our Chapins, and we thought this one would stand up to the test. The full stainless steel barrel can handle any solution, tea, or fertilizer mix, and clean easy. 
  • 3.5-gallon stainless steel tank for durability
  • 4" wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Brass pump, wand, nozzle and shut-off with lock-on feature for continuous spraying
  • Unique Tri-Lock seal feature that locks the pump cap tight
  • Will last years and is completely serviceable with replacement seals and parts
  • Harder to clog than most sprayers which helps with organics
  • Easy to clear clogs from nozzle tip in the event one happens

We love the original red 1949 Chapin sprayer and after years of using them came to understand that the red paint will eventually chip off and the brass will eventually start to corrode. This can be avoided with proper cleaning and maintenance but most of us are so busy that it can be a challenge to do properly especially because of the shape and weight of the sprayer. With the new Stainless steel model, there is NO paint to chip in the important areas and the stainless steel will not corrode like the brass so we expect them to last much longer making the extra investment far worth it. We hope you agree! Regardless of the material used, it's always best practice to rinse and leave dry when done.