BuildASoil Complete - Most Comprehensive Logan Labs Testing

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Why Choose BuildASoil?

Updated Process for 2020 and Beyond Is Faster and More Organized than Ever Before. 

Easy! We make the process quick and simple by offering:
  • We send you an email with a pre-printed form to send off to Logan Labs, and pre-paid postage to make it quick and simple
  • Precise instructions on how to obtain sample
  • Choose Who Does Your Soil Test!

The Package

  • Complete BuildASoil Package: $100.00 
    • Standard Melich 3 Soil Test. 
    • Extras: Cobalt, Molybydenum, Ammonium Nitrogen, Nitrate Nitrogen, Selenium, Silicon, EC
    • Saturated Paste Test 
    • AA 8.2 Soil Test for accurate CEC and Calcium numbers. 
    • BE SURE TO CHOOSE YOUR AGRONOMIST FOR DETAILED INTERPRETATION OF YOUR ANALYSIS. (Not Included in the $100 Testing Package) This will show you exactly which ingredients to add to your farm to balance your soil against the test you will receive. 

Do You Really Know if Your Soil is Balanced?


Average time from order to final report is 1 Week.

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