Blumat Drip Ring


Blumat Drip Ring



Product description

10" Blumat Drip Ring

This is perfect for your living soil container. 

The Drip Ring makes it so easy!

Streamlined Irrigation, Hassle-Free Installation

Revolutionize your irrigation system with our Blumat Drip Ring - the professional choice for efficient, assembly-free watering. This innovative dripper seamlessly integrates with Blumat sensors, eliminating the need for extra adapters or connectors.

Key Features

Blumat Sensor Compatibility: Our Drip Ring has a 3mm inlet barb that connects easily with Blumat sensors.

No Assembly Required: Our plug and play design saves you valuable time and reduces labor. With this ready-to-use solution, you can enjoy the benefits of efficient irrigation without the complexities of component assembly.

Nutrient Compatibility: Our Drip Ring has a built-in filter and clog resistant emitters which allows you to easily feed a variety of nutrients through the ring without fear of clogging.

Durable Construction: The drip ring is made from the best quality virgin resin ensuring a highly durable product with a long lifespan.

Even Distribution: With 8 strategically placed drip points, this ring delivers water precisely where your plants need it most.

Invest in your plants' health and growth with the Blumat Drip Ring - the ultimate blend of convenience and professionalism for your gardening needs.

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