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BluMat - Automated Watering Kits

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Blumat Automatic Watering Kits - Essential Tools for Precision Gardening

At BuildASoil, we believe in the power of efficient and precise watering. That's why we offer Blumat Automatic Watering Kits, products designed to make watering your plants easier, more accurate, and effective, saving you time and helping your plants thrive. Here's a detailed look at what each kit includes:

How To Order? 

1. Gravity Supply kit: This will get your water from reservoir to your plants.

2. Container or Bed Kit: These will come with everything you need to hook your reservoir gravity kit up to the soil and automatically water. 

Example: 4x4 Grow Bed: Order 1 Gravity kit and 1 Bed Kit

(We recommend a digital Moisture meter)

Blumat Gravity Supply Kit - The Foundation of Your Efficient Watering System

NOTICE: You will need your own bucket or reservoir to hook this kit up to.

The Blumat Gravity Supply Kit is a cornerstone for your watering needs. This kit delivers a consistent and efficient water supply to your plants, even when you're away.

This Kit Includes:

2x 8mm BULKHEAD / Through-Hull Tank Connector: Connects your water source to the Blumat system, ensuring a leak-proof seal.
1x Blumat 8mm Tee: Facilitates branching of your watering system.
3x BLUMAT 8mm SHUT-OFF VALVE: Allows you to control the water flow.
32ft Red 8mm Super-Flex Tubing: Offers durable and flexible connections within your watering system.


Blumat Container Kit - Tailored Watering for Your Potted Plants Up to 45 Gallon

The Blumat Container Kit is specifically designed for potted plants in containers up to 45 gallons, ensuring they get just the right amount of water.

This Kit Includes:

1x 3mm to Blusoak Tee: Connects the Blumat sensor to the BluSoak drip tape for accurate watering.
5ft BluSoak 2.0 Drip Tape: Provides even water distribution.
1x Blumat Tropf 9" Maxi Sensor: Monitors moisture levels and adjusts watering accordingly.
3ft 3mm Drip Tube for Blumat Systems: Connects the Blumat system to the BluSoak drip tape.
1x Blumat Protective Cap: Guards the Blumat sensor from the elements.
4x BluSoak Stakes, Mega: Securely holds the BluSoak drip tape in place.


Blumat Bed Kit - Perfect for Large Garden Beds & Row Crops Up to 4'x8'

The Blumat Bed Kit is the ultimate companion for larger garden beds and row crops up to 4'x8'. It ensures an evenly distributed, consistent water supply for optimal plant growth.

This Kit Includes:

4x Blumat 8mm Tees: Facilitates branching of your watering system.
4x Blumat 8mm Elbows: Navigates corners in your watering system smoothly.
8ft 3mm Drip Tube for Blumat Systems: Connects your Blumat system to the BluSoak drip tape.
8x BluSoak to 8mm Barbed Adapter: Connects the BluSoak drip tape to your Blumat system.
32ft BluSoak 2.0 Drip Tape: Provides even water distribution.
1x Blumat Tee - 8mm x 3mm: Connects different sizes of tubes.
1x Blumat Protective Cap: Protects your Blumat sensor from the elements.
8ft Red 8mm Super-Flex Tubing: Durable and flexible tubing for efficient water transportation.
1x Blumat Tropf 9" Maxi Sensor: Monitors the moisture levels and adjusts the watering accordingly.


Whichever kit you choose, the Blumat Automatic Watering Kits will revolutionize your gardening experience. Enjoy effortless, efficient watering with BuildASoil, and witness your garden flourish! Make the switch today and join the community of satisfied gardeners who trust Blumat for their watering needs.

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BluMat For Life!!!

I recently bought the Blumat bed kit for my 3x3 grassroots bed in preparation for my week long vacation. So far the plants have been loving it!

I quickly realized that the 5 gallon bucket wasn’t going to cut it for a whole week, so I upgraded to a 27 gallon tub instead.

After a couple weeks of testing, I am confident in the technology and can rest easy.

On a side not, I reached out to the BAS team with a Blumat question and they answered me super quick and were very helpful.

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