AC Infinity - Pro Controller +


AC Infinity - Pro Controller +



Product description

Smart Digital Controller for AC Infinity Devices 🌡️🔧

Unveil the next era of device optimization for indoor environments with our state-of-the-art digital controller. Designed exclusively for AC Infinity devices, it offers an advanced suite of programming tools for up to eight varied devices from fans to luminous grow lights. The sleek backlit display, versatile for both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, maintains your settings discreetly in the backdrop. Its convenient built-in kickstand and wall-mounting options offer flexible positioning. With the 12-foot sensor probe enhanced with a thermal-alloy head, you get precise readings of temperature, humidity, and the crucial VPD (vapor pressure deficit). Understand the dynamic relationship between ambient temperature, humidity, and plant leaf temperature, paving the way for the ultimate growing environment. This controller is a proud member of the UIS™ platform, promising a smooth integration with a plethora of smart devices and controllers.

Revolutionize device management as this controller hosts up to eight devices, each with potential individualized programming. Embrace intelligent operations that adjust fan speeds and light intensity in real-time, responding to temperature, humidity, and VPD changes. Embed timer, cycle, and scheduling modes to offer unprecedented customization for diverse indoor growing needs. With the AC Infinity app, dive into a world of advanced features, alarms, and insights, all accessible through Bluetooth or WiFi.

This controller effortlessly syncs with the UIS™ ecosystem, covering a broad spectrum of AC Infinity devices:

- AIRLIFT Series: Mastering Exhaust Fans
- CLOUDFORGE Series: Perfecting Environmental Humidity
- CLOUDLIFT Series: Commanding Floor Wall Circulation Fans
- CLOUDLINE Series: Directing Inline Duct Fans
- CLOUDRAY Series: Steering Clip-on Circulation Fans
- CLOUDWAY Series: Leading Whole House Fans
- IONBEAM Series: Guiding LED Grow Light Bars
- IONGRID Series: Handling Halo LED Grow Lights
- IONBOARD Series: Overseeing LED Grow Light Boards
- UIS Control Plug & Lighting Adapters: Broadening control possibilities.

Transform your indoor cultivation experience with precision and intelligence. Secure your controller now! 🌱📊

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