Grassroots Classic Fabric Pots

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All "Fulfilled by a BAS Partner" sizes are a $500 order minimum. 

Grassroots Classic Fabric Pots! Where it all started for Grassroots. Durable, reliable and safe, you wont be disappointed with Grassroots Classic Fabric Pots! Proudly made in the USA. Grassroots craft the best fabric pots here on American soil. So you can be sure your plants are getting the best quality pots that they deserve.

Do you own cheap fabric pots that you cant reuse because they've fallen apart?Grassroots Classic Fabric Pots are made with integrity and durability in mind, so you can reuse the same pot year after year. Best of all, there are no chemicals used in the production of these pots! That means no chemicals leaching into your soil and thus into your plants.

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