Blumat Horizontal Pump Kit (Ships Free)


Blumat Horizontal Pump Kit (Ships Free)



Product description

Introducing Blumat's New and Improved Pump Kit

This kit is easier to assemble and has a smaller floor footprint then the earlier pump kit models. It can easily supply water pressure to a large number of Blumat Tropfs in both commercial and home operations.

When To Use A Pump Kit

This kit is a great solution for larger home grows and commercial facilities looking to supply their plants from a reservoir without having to get a reservoir up high for a gravity system or attach directly to a pressurized water line.

What This Kit Includes

The pump kit includes all fittings needed to get from your chosen supply tank to the supply tubing portion for your Blumat system. This kit also includes our adjustable pressure reducer assembly.

What This Kit Does Not Include

  • Supply Tubing for your Blumat system.
  • A reservoir.
  • A drill bit to install our bulkhead into the reservoir. ( A step up bit is preferable)

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