BioAg CytoPlus

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CytoPlus - 100g - $11.00
CytoPlus - 300g - $24.00
CytoPlus - 1 Kilo - $69.00

CytoPlus TM is a combination of soluble SEAWEED extract from Norway and our TM7 powder. Cytoplus is an excellent source of beneficial organic compounds, seven micronutrients, as well as humic and fulvic acids. Use in a wide variety of applications including dry broadcast for turf and farms, or add to liquid for foliar, hydroponic, irrigation, and hand watered applications.  Best used during key transitional periods, such as vegetative to bloom.

Select your item in the drop down menu above:
CytoPlus - 100 Gram Bag = $11.00
CytoPlus - 300 Gram Bag = $24.00
CytoPlus - 1 Kilogram Bag = $69.00

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Coming Soon!

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