All Natural Spider Mite or Powdery Mildew prevention and cure.

February 14, 2014 0 Comments

This do it yourself pest spray will fit perfectly into your current gardening program.

A favorite recipe that has kept me PM free for years. This will knock out spider mites and is safe and non toxic.

List of items that I use in this tutorial:

1. Neem Oil - I like the stuff at but I am using DynaGro Neem Oil in this video because that's most likely what you will have locally. 

2. Agsil16H -  In this tutorial I use a Pre-Mixed version of this with 140 Grams Agsil16H to 32 ounces of water. 

3. 200x Aloe Vera Powder - You can use fresh or get this powder, either way it's excellent.

4. Dr. Bronners Lavender Soap - If you have peppermint, use that, but I've using lavender lately.

5. Protein Shaker Cup or a Glass Jar with Lid. You could even just use a glass and a whisk.

6. Sprayer you'll be using to apply this with - I prefer the Chapin model 1949. Seriously it's awesome. 


Recipe Per Gallon of warm clean water:

1oz Neem or Karanja Oil

1 Tablespoon Agsil16h solution or use Dyna Gro Pro-tekt

1oz Dr. Bronners soap. (Mix it up: Use unscented and add your own essential oils at 5-7 drops or use lavender like this recipe calls for)

1/8 Teaspoon of our Organic 200x Aloe Vera Powder

If there is a current infestation going on, you can up your dose to 2 oz Dr. Bronners and up to two ounces of Neem.... start with 1.5.


Directions for Making the spray:


Step 1: Get some WARM water into your sprayer and use the best water you can. (Don't use hot water)

The 10 Stage Water Filter is the easiest one I could fine to move around and fill up buckets and sprayers with.

It is about $85.00 on Amazon and will last for 1 year. (1500 Gallons or so by my calculations)

If you put 4 gallons into a bucket everyday, this filter will last over 1 year easy.

(I don't have any relationship with this company but like the product)



 Step 2: Get the Neem Oil Warm and easy to pour. I use how water from the tap in bowl.

You can see this in the photo below on the left. (Just soak the bottle in warm/hot water for a few minutes and then shake it like crazy and soak for a few more minutes. If you haven't opened the bottle yet, break the seal before you shake it, this will make it easier to move around in the bottle.




Step 3: Get Your Aloe Mixed First and let it sit inside the sprayer with just plain water.

I am mixing up enough for two gallons so I'm using just under 1/4 Teaspoon of our Pure 200X Aloe Powder.


I like to add this to a Blender Bottle Shaker cup thing and shake like Crazy!



After the Aloe Sits for a 10 minutes of so it will turn clear again. Then I pour it into my Chapin Sprayer to hang out while I make the rest of the spray in the Shaker Cup.


Step 4: Emulsify Neem by Combining Neem and Agsil16H Solution.


Use 1 ounce of Neem Oil Per gallon for prevention and up to 2 ounces per gallon if you have an infestation. 

Neem oil is Phytotropic and is best sprayed at lights out. 


I first add 2 ounces of neem because I'm making 2 gallons of spray. I add this to WARM water, NOT hot water or cold water.

Here is the Neem and the the Shaker Bottle with Neem and Water in it.


Next I'm going to add 2 Tablespoons of Agsil16H Concentrate Which I make in advance and keep on the shelf. 

(I Mix 140 Grams of Agsil16H into 32 ounces of water and keep the bottle around for this situation)

Then Shaken Like Crazy for a minute or two:


Step # 5: Adding the Neem Solution and Soap to your Sprayer.

Use Dr. Bronners Soaps at 1 oz per gallon for prevention and up to 2 oz per gallon for infestation.

I'm making 2 gallons of spray at 1 oz of soap each. I'll dump this straight into my sprayer before I add the Neem Solution that was just made.

After adding the soap to the sprayer it's time to pour your Neem solution in:


Step 6: Put your sprayer back together and SHAKE like crazy!

If you have a Chapin don't shake it over your toes, I've had it smash my toe before and almost broke it. 

Hold the handle and the side and shake it in between your legs.


Step 7: Spray your plants!

Now that your sprayer is full of pest and mildew crushing awesomeness, you are ready to spray.

Do this right before lights out or at dusk and spray the bottom of the leaves first starting at the bottom and working your way to the top and then spray from the top down and get the plant completely soaked until it looks like it's weeping and about to fall over. 

Make sure there is good airflow and come back and check in the morning. 

If you have no infestation and are doing this for prevention, I would perform once every week or 10 days. 

If you see any signs  of problem than perform every 3 days to kill the eggs and the adults before they can reproduce again.


If you have any comments please post them!!