Oh No!! We received our first bad review.... and it's awful. February 16 2014, 4 Comments

Okay, so it finally happened. 

I just received email notification that we received a new review on "Crustacean Meal"

Normally a good thing I went to read it, knowing we had a shipping delay with this particular customer and provided a free sample along with extra of every item... I was hoping for a really good review.

This was hard for me to take, but I really am happy that the customer took the time to provide us feedback that might enable us to improve our business. Extra and Free stuff just doesn't cut it when the package is torn, and is smelly.... so "J" if you are reading this, I'll be sending you another package tomorrow. We will be testing out a new bagging procedure and I would really like it if you update me on how the package arrives. 

Here is the Customer Comment without editing:

"The prices are decent enough, but it took longer than I would've liked to get here. When it did arrive; one of the bags had a hole on the bottom, and the box was littered with crustacean meal. USPS left the package at my door, in a snow puddle, so water got into the crustacean meal through the open hole in the bag. I had to toss out a small portion that was clumped together with dirty, street water. Though zip-tied; the bags are unsealed, and allow the aroma of your products to permeate the cardboard box. None of the amendments I ordered from various other vendors had such noticeable odors coming from their packaging. This is the main reason why I probably will not use the site again." 

Here is what we are doing about this:

1. Packages will now be sealed much tighter and added to a final large bag that will be sealed before putting in the box.

2. Individual packages of odorous items will be double bagged. Neem, Crustacean, Fish Bone Meal Etc. 

3. We still offer a guarantee and will refund or replace orders that have problems like this one. 

This is embarrassing. but not learning from this experience would be even worse. Our amendments are very potent and do have a noticeable odor compared to some of our competitors. Going forward, this won't be an issue while shipping. 

Thanks for all the great reviews and also for the constructive criticism. We couldn't do this without your support.  

Getting better everyday, 

Jeremy Silva and the BuildASoil Team