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Soil Test Consultation

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Email me your existing soil test or contact us to assist you with getting your soil tested today. 

Notice:  $45.00 - $70.00 Per Soil Test Interpretation

BuildASoil.com was based on the idea that every single gardener should have the best soil possible. We believe that having a very affordable soil test is imperative to creating a properly balanced soil when first starting. We subscribe to the time proven principles of mineral balancing passed down by Dr. William A. Albrecht. and couple that with the background knowledge that thousands of tests provide.

The BuildASoil.com services are based on results of professional laboratory analysis performed by Logan Labs, LLC of Lakeview, Ohio, which uses testing procedures designed for ecological farming and gardening based on research of Dr. William A. Albrecht, former Chairman of the Soils Department of the University of Missouri.  We provide interpretations and recommendations geared to minerally-augmented organic methods developed at Black Lake Organic in Olympia Washington and as also taught by Michael Astera at SoilMinerals.com


Go to LoganLabs.com and navigate to the "Submit Samples" page to get started. You also have the option of purchasing your soil tests from Logan Labs directly through us here: BuildASoil Complete - Most Comprehensive Logan Labs Testing. Then once you have your results you'll want to send us a copy for review. 

Once the report is completed you will also receive a detailed breakdown of how to change your soil based on exact amounts of organic inputs. No more Guessing! You can finally relax and smile knowing that the next harvest will be bountiful and chalk full of nutrients unlike anything you could get without doing it yourself.

This will include:

Organic matter (%); pH of soil sample; exchange capacity (M.E.); sulfur (S in ppm); phosphorus (as P2O5 in lbs./acre); calcium (Ca in lbs./acre); magnesium (Mg in lbs./acre); potassium (K in lbs./acre); sodium (Na in lbs./acre; other base elements (trace elements, variable in percent); exchangeable hydrogen (H in percent of base saturation); boron (B in ppm); iron (Fe in ppm); manganese (Mn in ppm); copper (Cu in ppm); zinc (Zn in ppm); aluminum (Al in ppm, non-nutrient).  Also given are optimum percentages of key cation nutrients (Ca, Mg, K, and Na).


$45 - $75 Per Soil Sample to be interpreted into a professional report.