Oly Mountain Compost: Extensive Herbicide, Heavy Metal and Pathogen Testing Results June 22 2016, 9 Comments

BuildASoil's goal is to create an outstanding reputation for transparency with regards to our recipes, ingredients and Methods. It is in this spirit that we are sharing this extensive report with you.

Attached here is the PDF: Click Here

Notes from testing:

We did not detect any herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide compounds in your sample. When you see the result as < the MDL this is a non-detect.

The MDL is the method detection limit. This is as low as we can see on our instrument with certainty. Anything below this is a non-detect.

We also did not detect an fecal coliform in your sample. This was also below the detection limit. The salmonella test was negative.

You did have yeast and mold in the sample. (As any good compost should) We do not normally test for yeast and mold in the compost samples. (We tested because we wanted to know) They are also not required by the EPA as far as I know so I do not have any regulatory information on yeast and mold.

I included the EPA Compost Quality Standards for Class II Composting Facilities for your reference. It looks like all of the heavy metals tested are well below these standards.