BuildASoil Grow Journal #1: The Setup

July 27, 2016 7 Comments

BuildASoil Grow Journal #1: The Setup

Journal #1: The Setup and Seed Sprouting

This blog goes overboard with everything you would ever need to start a premium at home indoor grow. Follow along for the key details. 

BuildASoil Grow Journal #1 from BuildASoil on Vimeo

Hello and welcome to the first Grow Journal! I am Jeremy Silva and the founder of BuildASoil and growing plants is my passion. That passion led me to building soil that spoiles them. Lately I've been in the office and on the phones a little too much and this Journal is the results of a goal I have to spend more quality time in the garden. I've had a lot of changes in my personal life over the last year and that has changed the location of my garden. That being said I think this is a perfect opportunity to highlight what it actually takes to start a high quality and low budget home grow. Instead of making it appear really cheap and only mentioning how much it costs to make your own soil, I figured I would highlight the absolute most expensive way to do this, which is to purchase everything brand new all at once including all the little details. 

This Grow will highlight what any average home grower should be able to do on thier own using minimal plant numbers and a fully organic approach.

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our grow videos and blog content but realize that we need to put a complete grow together from start to finish to help our friends understand some of the basic principles. This grow journal will highlight our BuildASoil style of indoor cultivation starting from seed through harvest. Instead of attempting to teach every variable we will show you a basic home setup and discuss the principles that make this all work. If you have specific questions, please leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them directly.

The Grow Setup: (Getting the environment right is imperative)

Keep in mind many of the expenses below are not neccessary and are one time costs that you could easily save by buying used or getting creative. 


Boneyard Seeds and Verified Genetics

#1: Truth Tree by Boneyard Seeds Norcal (Mandelbrot VIII x Redwood Kush)

#2: Ektoplasm by Verified Genetics (Ghost OG x Bazooka Bumble)

I'm honored to have these packs and will be sprouting 6 Seeds From Each pack due to limited Plant Numbers. 

This setup will be for twice what the average grower will use because I'll be comparing two different growing styles. Geo Pots vs. Earthbox Sub Irrigated Planters. I'll be vegging and flowering in two seperate 4x4 tents. 

Veg Room: 

4x4 Grow Tent : $174.95

150w Endomaxx Grow Light: $350.00

DuraBreeze Orbital Wall Fan 12": $51.95

DuraBreeze 6" Ducting 25': $18.00

DuraBreeze 6" Inline Fan: $124.95

DuraBreeze Duct Defender: $10.50

2 Gallon Geo Pot Velcro Transplanters x 6: $30.00

Black Plastic Trays for under 2 Gallons Geo's x 6: $12.00

BuildASoil Biodynamic Recipe x 2: $40.00

Humidity Maker Set: 6 disc for $175.00

Total Veg Room Cost: $987.35

With both tester tents running the cost will be double which you may want to consider if you are going to be growing perpetually with one dedicated veg tent and one dedicated flower tent. For this grow we will be vegging and flowering in the same spot without moving to a separate flower tent. 

Flowering Upgrades:

I'll be flowering in 2 seperate 4x4 tents which will show you the possibility of our 2 favorite growing styles. Earthbox Sub Irrigated Planters Vs. 15 Gallon Geo Pots.

4x4 Tent x 1 

Earthbox Wellness Garden - BuildASoil Style x 3: $300.87

Endomaxx 315 CMH additional Lighting: $500.00

Flowering Upgrades Total: $800.87

4x4 Tent x 2

Endomaxx 315 CMH additional Lighting: $500.00

Black Saucers x 3: $15.00

15 Gallon Geo Pots Black With Handles x 3: $28.20

BuildASoil Biodynamic Recipe x 6 Bags: $120.00

Barley Straw Mulch x 2 Cubic Feet: $18.00 

Alternatively you could use Cocoa Shell Mulch

Cover Crop Seed 1/2 Pound bag: $5.00

Flowering Upgrades Total: $686.20

Extra Products to Support the Living Soil System: 

Rootwise Mycrobe Complete: $45.00 

Malted Barley 2lb: $10.00

TeaLab Tea Brewer Kit: $73.80

Worm Castings 1 Cubic Foot Bag: $40.00

Liquid Gem Organic Fish Hydrolysate: $18.00

Extra Product Cost Total: $186.80

Integrated Pest Management:

Chapin Sprayer: $110.00

IPM Kit #2: $108.62

Hypsoapsis Miles Predator Mites: $35.00

Nematodes: $40.00

IPM Cost Totals: $293.62


Startup Cost Geo Pot Style: $2153.97

Startup Cost Earthbox Style: $2268.64

NOTICE: These are ONE time costs! After this your cost per grow is limited to Compost Tea, Topdressing and a few extras like electricity and water.

Basic Seed Sprouting Info:

1. Good Seeds

2. Good Soil

3. Plant the seeds about 1/4" deep. Place seeds sideways in hole and then cover with soil and tamp lightly to make sure the seed won't move once watered. 

4. Cover with mulch of some sort and keep the top of the soil moist. 

5. Avoid temperature extremes and if possible consult VPD charts for Humidity vs. Temperature ideals. 

For more detailed info on germinating seeds check this post out.


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December 29, 2016

I need wall fans! I’m considering two of those durabreeze models. Can you guys show me how to mount them in my tent like Jeremy did here?
Love and Grace


November 28, 2016

What happened Jeremy? You keep falling off on the journal, would love to see this from start to finish…


October 11, 2016

I love this……. I’ve never seen anyone else grab the pots and recognize the water weight in it, hard to teach that to someone, this is awesome though its exactly how i started, only thing different are the bean genetics !!

Austin A.
Austin A.

August 23, 2016

First I just have to say, WOW! What an amazing and informative video. Already watched it three times and every time I still learn something new. I love the system you have going in your house and cannot wait to see the next installment into the Grow Journal series. Its nice to see so many products from the website actually being put into action! I’m sure this will be a quite successful grow and I’m excited to follow the progress! When will the next episode be out?

Also, I was wondering if it was completely necessary to treat the organic soil with the ThermX? Very interesting about the peat moss having hydrophobic tendencies, but will it have seriously negative effects on the growth of the plants? I just trimmed away tons of vegetation from my yucca trees at home and was wondering if I could somehow use the scraps for some sort of homemade yucca wetting agent…I know the ThermX has saponin in it and what not, but could I get by without that, just to moisten the peat?

Lastly, you said to mention if you forgot to show anything in the video, and I could be mistaken but I think I remember you saying something about showing the making of some soil.. That would be awesome because I am obsessed with the living organic soil and would love to see it be made!

Anyway, loved the video, looking forward to the next one, have a great week Jeremy and the rest of BAS! :)


July 29, 2016

Great sharing of useful- quality information —thanks, R’O


July 28, 2016

When would you put the predatory mites and nematodes in? Also, how much should I use per 30 gallon container? Do you recommend spinosad in conjunction with your IPM kit?


July 28, 2016

Awesome blog post. I can’t wait for the next! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to do these.

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