Living Soil Ingredients and Recipe

May 02, 2017 0 Comments

Living Soil Ingredients and Recipe

Looking to learn more about our Living Soil Ingredients and Recipe?

Don't miss the video below as Jeremy explains the details of our soil.

See below for the recipe!

Living Soil Explanation from BuildASoil on Vimeo.

Base Recipe:

1 Part Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peatmoss

1 Part Premium Organic Compost

1 Part Premium Organic Aeration and Drainage (We use Rice hulls and Pumice)

Fertilizer Amendments Per Cubic Foot:

1/2 Cup Premium Organic Kelp Meal

1/2 Cup Premium Organic Neem Cake

1/2 Cup Premium Organic Crustacean Meal

Mineral Amendments Per Cubic Foot:

2 Cups Premium Natural Basalt Rock Dust

1 Cup Premium Organic Oyster Shell Flour

1 Cup Premium Organic Gypsum


5% Charged Bio-Char (From a leading company with testing to prove it)

Small Amount ThermX15 powder or just water with ThermX70 Liquid. 

Mix together and then plant and enjoy!