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How to keep a clean garden - Pest Free - Organic IPM

How to keep a clean garden - Pest Free - Organic IPM

Jeremy Silva |

This video will give you a 15 minute rundown on important considerations for your Organic IPM routine. IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management and is a very important part of indoor growing. 

How to keep a pest free indoor grow - Organic IPM from BuildASoil on Vimeo.

Basic bullet points I cover in more detail in the video:

1. Don't take cuts. (Clones) When taken from another grower can bring unwanted pests and diseases. 

2. Grow Environment has to be proper

3. Watering properly: https://buildasoil.com/blogs/news/how-to-water-living-soil-over-water-vs-under-water

4. Spraying routine once per week with a rotation of favorite organic products. 

5. Look for good ingredients and realize this is about being consistent and clean in your garden and not a magical product. 


 As promised in the video there are a few PDF documents:

EPA 25B Exempt Approved ACTIVE Ingredients

EPA 25B Exempt pesticides Approved INERT ingredients list 

Also Recommended Reading List 

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