9 day update on Organic Soil Fix

July 25, 2013

This is a follow up to our previous Blog Article on July 16th titled, "Light green and no growth, a trial at soil correction."

Here are the photo's as of July 16th


On the left you have our Base Soil and Nutrient Pack. On the right we have a competitors premium soil.July 16th these photo's were taken as I added our Gypsum, Chicken Fertilizer, and Earth Worm Castings.




Here is the same plant 9 Days later after top dress. Photo's taken today July 25th.


That transformation was in 9 days!!! Those results ARE typical and what you should expect when using our products properly. 

You Can do it too:

With Buildasoil.com you could easily fix several of your current potted plants while they are growing for only $8.00 Just add 1lb of Gypsum and 1lb of Chicken Manure to your cart for $1.00 each and only $6.00 Flat Rate shipping totaling $8.00 right to your door.

If you have 10-30 plants that are suffering from deficiencies you could add 5lbs Earth Worm Castings 3lbs Gypsum and 2lbs of Chicken fertilizer into 1 order and come out with a total of $29.50 That's $1.00 per plant and the effects will last a long time.

Just sprinkle a cup of the mixed up ingredients around the base of each plant and then water through. Ideally you would put the Gypsum down first, then the Chicken manure and cover it with a layer of worm castings. But don't worry about being perfect, just take action and you will get results.

The reason this is so affordable is because this will produce long lasting results in your soil by correcting the source of the problem and not just putting a band aid on it with some miracle grow. These basic ingredients will kick start the microbial life in your soil and provide a wide range of nutrients and micro-nutrients in a way that will not burn your plants at all.

Think about it. If the major nutrient companies educated you on how simple growing plants can be, they would lose you as a repeat customer. The industry creates problems with synthetic nutrients that aren't complete and that deplete the soil. Then they turn around and sell you the solution. This is just like the tobacco companies selling cigarettes and Stop Smoking Patches at the same time. Nature is smart and you can trust her :)

If you are unsure of how this will work with any of your specific plants please don't hesitate to send us a private email on our Contact Us page or just give us a call at 970-306-SOIL and our soil experts will be happy to help.

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