What is Heartbleed? Announcement: BuildASoil is Secure

April 11, 2014 0 Comments

As the owner of BuildASoil, LLC I was very concerned about the latest news regarding the "Heartbleed" vulnerability. 

I received updated communication from our host, shopify.com, regarding this matter and here is an excerpt:

As mentioned earlier, every ecommerce website that uses Shopify is secure against Heartbleed. 

During the middle of day on April 7th, the Heartbleed issue became widely disclosed. The Shopify network security and operations team immediately set to work to protect our hosting infrastructure. By 7:00 p.m. they had rolled out a fix across core infrastructure, and by midnight all secondary systems had been secured. The operations team continued to work into the night, and by the following day, all keys and certificates had been re-issued.

Because of the rapid response of our operations team (faster than Google and Yahoo, for example) we haven’t detected any sensitive data being compromised. As a general precaution, we advise that you regularly change passwords, and other sensitive credentials like payment gateway and API credentials. This would be a good time to update all such passwords.

Read more: http://www.shopify.com/blog/13569149-what-is-heartbleed-and-how-does-it-affect-your-ecommerce-website#ixzz2ycnHeHPv

Make sure that any other online stores you deal with in the next few weeks are safe to shop at. Many older online stores will not have a team working behind them. We are blessed to have access to the vast resources of Shopify for your continued online privacy. 

Thanks for your continued support and trust, your privacy is always important to us. 


Jeremy Silva

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Check out www.ThePerfectLoaf.com for all the info. You can make a starter following the directions there. If someone gives you a starter and you want to know the basics here is some info.

BuildASoil Sourdough Starter Feeding

Items Needed:

  1. Kitchen Scale
  2. 2 Glass Jars (I like the Weck Jars but any Wide mouth will do) https://weckjars.com/product/743-mold-jar/
  3. Stirring utensil – I like the Thermworks Mini Spatula https://www.thermoworks.com/Mini-Spatula-Set
  4. Organic Bread Flour (Really any flour you have will work)

Your starter will be very active and require twice daily feedings or you can put into the fridge to slow this down to once per week feedings.

How to know when I should feed?

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