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Have you been to eurekaspringsorganics.com Lately?

Jeremy Silva |

Discount and Free Sample for any EurekaSpringsOrganics customers.

Attention all past ESO customers. Eureka Springs Organics in Denver is no longer online.

I like to keep an eye on the other "organic" type of vendors in the marketplace and was surprised to find out that the website is no longer up and the sponsorship banners over at Icmag.com are now down. 

If you have purchased from EurekaSpringsOrganics.com in the past and can email me a receipt from ANY transaction from them, I will send you a free sample of your choice along with 10% off of your first purchase with us at BuildASoil.com

(Even if you lost your receipt, please email me and be honest)

We never want to take business from another company but we understand how disappointing it can be to have a trusted source close their doors. 

We specialize with Indoor Growers and we are part of the Original Crew that Started the entire ROLS movement on ICmag.com Come check us out at LivingOrganicSoil.org and say what's up to Gascanastan and all the other peeps. 

Long story short, if there is something that we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask. All that we can hope for is an opportunity to earn your business. 

If anyone wants to share this blog post with other growers, please do.


EMAIL: Jeremy@BuildASoil.com to get your free sample and coupon code. 


Hello Bonnie!

EurekaSpringsOrganics No longer has a website up but we aren’t affiliated with them at all. I just sent you a private email and I hope that you have the time to read it. Thanks!


I cant believe that you dont have a websit any more. How am I supposed to see what products you have. I bought my 10 gallon tea brewer from you and might want another. How would I know if you are even doing this anymore. Let me hear from you. I know that you dont remember me, but I was a customer before you made the move to Coloraddo. thanx, Bonnie Crim

bonnie crim,

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