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Custom Nutrient Kit Instructions:

2 ways to go Custom:

#1: Build Your own Nutrient Kit in any size you want. See instructions below.

#2: Use our Soil Testing and Soil Consulting services to design the perfect nutrient pack for your garden, farm, or indoor setup.

Our services specialize in mineral augmented soil practices in accordance with Dr. William A. Albrecht to create a superior soil for Nutrient Dense Crops. Why guess? We convert your soil test into simple to use instructions with specific amounts of each organic input. 


Instructions for DIY nutrient Kit:

Visit each product that you would like in your nutrient kit and select the # of pounds you want for each item.

For instance, if you want Kelp, Neem, EWC and SRP you would visit each product and add 1 pound of each. 

In the Special instructions you can state if you want anything special. Some customers want all the products mixed and put into one bag like our Nutrient Kit


Product Weight Per Cup:

Most products are 7-9 Ounces per cup. 

Alfalfa is Much lighter.