Here is what you can expect from several types of orders:

1. Small online orders: 7-12 Days Pick and Pack

2. Pallets: 10-15 Days on picking and packing.

3. Full Truckloads of Soil: 14 Day lead time.  

4. All Orders with 3.0 Soil: 21 Day Lead

Note: 3.0 Soil has 3 types of compost. We first mix all of the compost, minerals and nutrients together and then monitor temperatures. They rise up to 120-130 Degrees and then fall back to regular warehouse temperatures and then we mix the final version with the Peatmoss, Pumice, Rice Hulls, Bio Char etc etc etc. 

Because of the pre-cooking and double mixing we can only make a certain amount and there will be delays. 

Part of the issue was incoming freight delays due to trucking industry problems and the other part is increased order volume above our expected yearly increase. 

We hope this communication helps you understand what to expect before you place your order. 

Currently we are training new staff and hiring additional so that we can pack orders 2 shifts per day 7 days per week. 




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