Covid 19 Shipping Delays Update

JUNE 1st 2020 UPDATE:

We are currently pulling orders from 5/24-5/26 for shipping department. 

Items with delays: Check Below

Covid 19 Shipping Delays Update from BuildASoil on Vimeo.


Dear Growers and Friends,

Due to a recent upsurge in demand and implementation of COVID-19 preventative measures at our facilities, there will continue to be shipping delays on orders placed with

  • Please expect a shipping delay of 5 business days plus transit time.

  • If you are waiting for an order to ship, we are working as fast as possible to get your order out. Please do not call unless urgent. 
  • These restrictions apply to all orders placed via our website, phone, and email, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
  • As we manually pack orders from our bulk inventory, certain sizes may become temporarily unavailable while we re-stock. If you do not see the size you are looking for, please check back with us.

We are well stocked with the soil, amendments and supplies you need for your growing season, but it is taking us longer than it ordinarily would to pack seed and ship orders while maintaining employee health and safety. At BuildASoil we pride ourselves on answering your calls quickly and normally fast shipping, but to safeguard employees during this time we have had to make adjustments to our business operations. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding, and here is what you can expect:

Things we are doing to get caught up on orders and once caught up maintain a fast shipping turnaround. 

1. Hired 6 New Employees - Update 5/28/2020 We are hiring another 12.

2. Went from 8 Hours per day 5 days per week shipping hours to 18 Hours Per day shifts and Working 6 Days per week. This week we are looking at adding Sunday. 

3. Purchased New Bar Code Scanners, Computers, Scales and Work stations. 

4. Working Soil Manufacturing Double Shifts 18 Hours Per day to keep up with production. 

5. New Building will be ready in June 2020 to expand our shipping department 10-20 Times the size as it is now. 

6. Managers and staff from other departments are all working in the shipping department to help support them. Making boxes, Cleaning, Stocking etc. This way the shipping crew can focus on getting your orders out. 

7. Send Some Staff Home and are using their office to process smaller orders to speed up processing time. 

8. I'm (Jeremy) running errands and helping the crew in any way that I can to make sure everyone has what they need to get your orders out faster. 

9. Turning off all customer service and Phone calls with exception to questions about orders or placing new orders. All customer service will be temporarily on hold to allow for 3 additional staff members to help with shipping instead of phones. 

We remain honored that you have chosen and Whether you have been buying from us for 7 years or this is your first order, please know that we care deeply about helping you through the challenges of this time. Call or email us if you need growing advice or help finding products.

Please take care of yourself, your family, and your crew.

— Jeremy and Gwen Silva and The whole BuildASoil Crew


Back Order Items:

TIMBER GROW LIGHTS: They are working as fast as they can and we will have updates next week. 


Barley Straw: Supplies run short this time of year as we are waiting for the seasons first harvests. We were able to get more straw but just enough for back orders. We will update here on straw as we get more info. 

Sprouting Barley: No Availability For Another Month or Two. If something happens faster we will update. 

Earthbox Casters- Supplier will have stock in July

RecycleSil - UPDATE: They have re-appeared and want to charge us double the price. We are working on all back orders with inventory they have available and then will determine if this product is worth it in the future. 

ThermX70- SHIPPING 6/3/2020 TO US. Once received all orders will go out.

Grassroots Landing Tuesday 6/2/2020

Gloves are still on Ration and we can order more next week.  

THRIVE.N - We have no update. They will continue to be out of stock for the near future.


BuildABloom - Waiting on Bags from new supplier after COVID related supply issues. 

GNARLY BARLEY - Packed and Shipping now but sold out for future orders. Next week we will have small amount and then we will announce future date where regular orders can start processing. 

Check out these Amino Acid products instead:

Growers Secret 14-0-0

Explorer: 16-0-0

Notice: Small 1 and 2 Item orders are going out faster now but please don't start ordering multiple orders of single items.