Covid 19 Shipping Update

Everything is starting to smooth out after the onset of Covid 19 and we are proud to report fast shipping as per usual and we are getting better everyday. 

We are moving to expand our operations and that will allow us to make more soil for next year. That being said, our production is limited to 16 hour shifts as fast as we can make soil in 2 - 3 yard batches. 

Here is what you can expect from several types of orders:

4th OF JULY SALE CATCH UP! We are about to start moving buildings and the 4th of July Sale went better than anticipated. Please expect small delays. We expect to be fully caught up by 7/24/20 Most likely much sooner. 

1. Small online orders: 4-6 Days Lead time for packing orders

2. Totes and Pallets of Soil: 1-2 Weeks depending on Volume.

3. Full Truckloads of Soil: 2-3 Weeks depending on Volume. (New Facility coming soon!)

4. Pallet orders without soil: 2-7 Day Processing depending on pallet size.

We are moving our soil production hopefully July 15th and testing the new equipment to ensure highest quality. After that we will be able to reduce soil wait time to ZERO and will have extra inventory on the ground. 

We are still having issues with a few products as listed below: 


Back Order Items:

TIMBER GROW LIGHTS: 12-14 Day Lead Time! They are doing great!

Sprouting Barley: AUGUST

Earthbox Casters: JULY

Gloves are still on Ration. We have 1 case of each and they raised our prices very slightly. They will be here by tomorrow or early next week (6/8/20) 

THRIVE.N - We have no update. They will continue to be out of stock for the near future. Check out these Amino Acid products instead:

Growers Secret 14-0-0

Explorer: 16-0-0