Soil Feeding Schedule Explanation Video Series

Soil Feeding Schedule Explanation Video Series

If you are new to the No-Till system you might have questions about water only vs using a system to help continually feed the soil. There are many differences based on your goals of using small container or large no-till beds and this video series will help you understand all of these nuances. 

This tutorial and example will be specific to a 15 Gallon Geo Pot and using ingredients found in our No-Till Bundle available over here:

Also you can find the System that we go over in the vidoes for free over here:

Video #1: Initial Setup of your 15 Gallon Geo Pot for No-Till

Video #2: First Week Veg

Video #3: Week 2 Veg through One Week Before Flower

Video #4: The Very Important Week Before Flowering

Video #5: Flowering! The First 4 Weeks Of Flower

Video #6: Weeks 5-8 Of Flower

Video #7: Ripening, Harvest, Drying and Curing!



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