Free Spreadsheet List of Dynamic Accumulators and Nutrient content

October 25, 2013 0 Comments

Have you ever wanted to make a Fermented Plant Extract or Botanical Tea, but weren't sure of which plant to use for the given situation?

Well then you will love this free spreadsheet.

Here is a link to the EXCEL file on my website for you to download and enjoy!


CLICK HERE To download the really cool dynamic accumulator spreadsheet.


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Jeremy Silva

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Sourdough Beginner Info
Sourdough Beginner Info

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Check out for all the info. You can make a starter following the directions there. If someone gives you a starter and you want to know the basics here is some info.

BuildASoil Sourdough Starter Feeding

Items Needed:

  1. Kitchen Scale
  2. 2 Glass Jars (I like the Weck Jars but any Wide mouth will do)
  3. Stirring utensil – I like the Thermworks Mini Spatula
  4. Organic Bread Flour (Really any flour you have will work)

Your starter will be very active and require twice daily feedings or you can put into the fridge to slow this down to once per week feedings.

How to know when I should feed?

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