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Follow up to Fixing Soil

Jeremy Silva |

Last time I posted about my two pepper plants, the pepper plant in the BuildAsoil.com Recipe was really kicking butt. After we had enough of the competitors soil performing horribly, we decided to post a blog article highlighting what steps we would take to correct that bad soil while a plant was growing in it. 


Here is that last blog post: http://buildasoil.com/blogs/news/8368516-9-day-update-on-organic-soil-fix


Now, Fast forward another month and the pepper plant in our mix has produced dozens of 6-10" long solid thick walled and juicy peppers. But the plant on the right is finally starting to produce!!! We added some gypsum and chicken manure with worm castings... not a lot, but enough to make a difference. The plant on the right started to actually green up and grow after we added out stuff. 

Here are the photos when I decided to Fix the soil on the right because it was not doing well at all (Competitors Soil Mix)


We added Gypsum, Organic Chicken Manure Pellets and some Worm castings. 


9 days later it started to work already! 


I really should have added some more Chicken Pellets but that's okay because this plant would have done NOTHING, but now it's producing.

Here it is now: On the left is our soil mix. On the right, the horrible soil that we fixed over 1 month ago. You can see the plant on the left is still better, but now the plant on the right has peppers on it and is doing well.... where if we were to ignore the obvious problems a month ago, this plant would be dead or producing flowers but no fruit. That little pepper plant on the left has produced more peppers than I ever though possible from 2 gallons of soil :)


Any problems with your current soil that you want to fix? Don't know how? Post your questions here or just email me in private. 




- Jeremy Silva

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