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IPM? Free Report and Video Explanation - Adam Dunn Show Follow Up

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Just wanted to say I am so happy you guys did the episode on the adam dunn show. I am just getting into organics, switching from bottled nutes, and I’ve learned so much from you guys. Please you and coot keep going on the adam dunn show and cranking out the organic episodes. Also I’m thankful you put together this report and the IPM kit, will definitely be getting this soon.
Anyways keep up the good work and thanks so much!


tyler dodd,


One question that I was asked yesterday to which I did not give a very complete answer so I’ll do that here. The question was about the safety of neem tree products (oil, meal/cake, leaves, bark and roots) for human consumption.

Here’s the answer: “In Ayurvedic mixes and medicines over 70% contain ‘something’ from the neem tree. 70% is not a typo”

Neem oil, et al. is a case where science is catching up with culture. This paradigm is found in many areas of organic & sustainable farming like companion planting which may one of the most misunderstood dynamics, i.e. the how & why they function as they do. “What a Plant Knows” is a good start in coming to a working understanding.


Clackamas Coot

Clackamas Coot,

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