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Using B.A.S. Barley for Enzyme Tea - Tutorial

Jeremy Silva |

Barley For Enzyme Tea - Seed Sprout Tea

You can read about the benefits of SST or Sprouted Seed Tea in many places online and this powerful recipe is quickly gaining popularity. This Blog Post is about how to use BuildASoil Barley Seed to sprout for your SST solution.


We Now Carry Three Types of Barley:

1. Low Cost Feed Grade Natural Barley for Enzyme Tea

2. Medium Cost - Organic Certified Fully Cleaned Sprouting Barley

3. Gnarly Barley - A blend of seeds for seed tea, including Barley

Premium Tibetan Purple Barley was a previous product sold here. 

What's the difference?

Our low cost feed grade natural barley is minimally processed and will contain small amounts of plant material and broken seeds. This barley is excellent for bulk sprouting for daily use in the garden, but this barley is NOT good for personal use and consumption. The reason is because the foreign plant material will cause bacteria and other things to grow very easily while sprouting. Regular rinsing will keep this to a minimum and is good for our plants but not 100% safe for our consumption. 

The Medium Cost Certified Organic Barley is more expensive but will be totally cleaned and ready for human consumption, sprouting or anything you want and this Barley is Ideal for the smaller garden and will last a long time. 

The Premium Tibetan Purple Barley was our highest grade product, organic and was the best on the market. We've however started supplying a blend instead that will more than exceed your expectations, the Gnarly Barley blend.

Super Sprouted Seed Tea Recipe

Version 2.0: (Credit to some old Coot)

  • 56 Grams Barley Seed (2 Ounces)
  • Soak for 8 hours with Clean Water
  • Should now weigh minimum 84 Grams (If not soak longer)
  • Sprout seeds until tail is as long as the seed or about 1-2 days. 
  • Blend in a food blender or whatever you have with a little but of water to help it blend.
  • Add this to 5 gallons water and you have one of the worlds most nutritious Plant Enzyme Teas available for PENNIES.
This tutorial will be for our low cost barley as there are a few tricks that will help make the process much easier. The Medium and Premium Barley are so clean that they are slightly easier to use.

Step #1: I like to soak the barley in water that has a little re-hydrated kelp in it. 

Here is the seed soaking and you'll notice that many of the seeds will float.

Wait 8 hours and then tap the seeds so they sink... then scoop all the junk off the top. The goal here is to have as only seeds left to sprout and none of the plant material and seed hulls. 

You can skim all that off or just pour it off into the sink and most of the seeds we want will stay in the bottom if done carefully. When you are done, they will look clean like this:

Then you can rinse them well to make sure they are ready to sprout, I just do this in a metal strainer. 

Then you can sprout them in your typical fashion. 

Most will use the Jar Method. I really like the Hemp Bag method or the Sprouting tray method.

Here is the same tray 24 hours later:



And the Next Day:

You can see the seeds get all soapy looking while rinsing:

Here is the same tray after 3 days of rinsing morning and night... it only takes a few seconds

Now blend this up and add it to your 5 gallon bucket of water and pour into the soil :)


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