T-Shirt "What's Saponin? "


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After learning about saponin in Aloe Vera and Yucca, many Organic Gardeners smile when they hear the word, Saponin.

Someone jokingly mentioned that our secret greeting should be, "What's Saponin?" 

We love it and wanted a T-shirt. Since we wanted our own, we decided to offer them available for sale.

The font for this custom shirt is called "Cambria Math"

The Image you see is found here on wikipedia and is the Image for the Chemical structure of the Saponin, Solanine.

Chemical structure of alpha-solanine, an example of a monodesmosidic, branched-chain steroidal saponin (Hostettmann & Marsden 1995).


One of two things can happen while wearing your shirt:

1. Someone awesome who actually gets the joke comments on how cool your shirt is.

2. Someone reads it aloud and says, "Whats Sap-O-nin? You say, not much what's happening with you?


American Apparel Organic T-shirt

  • 100% organic fine jersey

  • slim fit

  • double stitched

  • direct-to-garment printing

  • Brother GraffiTee, photo quality

  • Made in the USA, sweatshop-free

Supposedly the softest organic t-shirt out there, this is a great alternative for the environmentally conscious. Combined with the sweatshop-free conditions in which this t-shirt was made, it makes for a generally clean-conscience bit of clothing. Add the benefits of the American Apparel tee - durability and quality, and you're set for the greatest t-shirt ever.


Organic Cotton Organic Style
At American Apparel we try to do everything possible to minimize our ecological footprint. By creating organic products, our business minimizes its impact on the environment, while maintaining the same comfort and style American Apparel is known for. Our Organic Collection is a selection of our most popular styles made from 100% USDA Certified Organic and pesticide-free cotton.
Benefits to Our Process Our low-impact dyeing process eliminates chemical waste, providing innumerable environmental and health benefits. We use a low impact fiber reactive process to dye our organic cotton. This process uses the least amount of water when compared with all other dye processes available and the cotton absorbs over 70% of the dyestuff. The dye forms a direct linkage to the cotton fiber resulting in superior colorfastness and minimal run-off. 

Dyeing Standards
At American Apparel, our Organic Collection color T-shirts are dyed with low impact dye which meet industry standards for organic. It is not a requirement to label organic fibers, unlike organic foods. However, legitimacy is extremely important within the organic community. Subcommittees have formed out of already established certifying groups, mostly associated with agriculture communities. These subcommittees work together to maintain a credible level of checks and balances for companies interested in meeting a set standard and offer a guarantee the consumer can trust. Our color organics are created within the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).
Organic Colors Offered You can feel good about wearing our organic styles. Below are some of the colors we offer.


Note: American Apparel shirts run small, please size up

Sizing chart:


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