Ultrasonic Humidity Maker

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1 Disc Humidity Maker Set - $35.00
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6 Disc Humidity Maker Set - $175.00
12 Disc Humidity Maker Set - $250.00
Humidity Output Control (1 Disc) - $12.99
Humidity Output Control (3-12 Disc) - $30.00
10 Amp Humidistat - $120.00
High Output Replacement Discs (20mm) - $12.49

Ultrasonic Humidity Makers are great for any grow room or grow tent to help raise and regulate humidity. The metal disc portion is fit into the buoy and then placed in any container that the Humidity Maker fits it.

These ultrasonic humidifiers come in four different sets, each with a power unit to power the unit and a plastic flotation device. A tub for water is not provided, and the output controls are sold separate as well as the Humidistat control module

What Size Mist Maker Do I Need?

Choosing the right size Mist Maker depends on a few different things. Ambient humidity, target humidity, air exchange, and the type of material your room is constructed of all plays a part.

A lower ambient humidity will increase the need for more discs, as well as a higher target humidity. The amount of air exchange you have will play the biggest part in deciding which size you need. If you are constantly bringing in new air, you have to work much harder to bring up the humidity. Rooms constructed of concrete tend to absorb moisture for quite some time before leveling out. This can increase your need for a bigger Mist Maker as well. 

With low air exchange, a smaller unit can be used. It may take longer to reach your target humidity level, but as long as drier areas not being introduced to the room, a smaller unit will suffice. 

With that said, I typically recommend a larger unit such as a 6 to 12 disc Mist Maker for larger rooms, Shipping containers,  and green houses. It is better to have a capable unit that runs much less, than a inadequate unit that has to run 24/7. Mist Maker's heat the water that they are operating in, and heat can damage electronics. Very long run times in small reservoirs can push the max operating water temperature of 105°F. 

12 Disc Mist Maker

  • 105°F MAX Operating Temp
  • ZERO LEDs = Zero Leaks!
  • Push Button Reset on Transformer!
  • Output:36V 300W 8A
  • Ceramic/Teflon Discs 20mm x 12
  • 6000 ml water per hour
  • 32' long cable
  • Fogger size:  6"(dia) x 2 1/2"(h)Buoy:11"(out)x6.14"(inside)x3(h)

6 Disc Humidity Maker

  • 105°F MAX Operating Temp
  • ZERO LEDs = Zero Leaks!
  • Output: 24V 200W 7.5A
  • Disk size:Ceramic/Teflon 20mm
  • 2800 ml water per hour
  • 32' cable
  • Fogger size:10.25"L x 2.36" H X 2.36" wide
  • Buoy size: 13.5"(L)x6"(W)x3"(H) 

3 Disc Humidity Maker

  • 105°F MAX Operating Temp
  • ZERO LEDs = Zero Leaks!
  • Output: 24V AC 72w 2.8A
  • Disk size: Ceramic/Teflon 20mm x 3
  • 1500 ml /hr
  • 32' long cable
  • Fogger size: 2 5/8"dia x 2 3/8"(h)
  • Buoy:6"(out dia)x 3"(in dia)xn3"(h)

1 Disc Humidity Maker

  • 105°F MAX Operating Temp
  • ZERO LEDs = Zero Leaks!
  • Power Consumption: 27W/ .9A
  • Average droplet size 3-5 microns
  • Misting disk size: 20mm
  • Float:  4.25"(outside dia.) x 2.5"(h)
  • Output: 500ml (.132 Gal) per hour

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Coming Soon!

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